Enjoy Wasting Your Day on The Procatinator

By on April 30, 2013


Just what the internet needs, another pointless site to waste time on! You weren’t doing anything important today anyway, right? Meet the Procatinator!

I actually read the web address wrong and was pretty surprised that I hadn’t already wasted hours of my life away at procrastinator.com. After a closer look at the site, which features cat gifs that align perfectly with a song (usually some guilty-pleasure ear candy), I discovered the site was so much more interesting and worthy of my time than Procrastinator.

In the name of research, I spent way more time than I’d care to admit clicking through different cat/song combos. In case you don’t want to waste endless  hours looking at every single spectacular cat, you can check out my choices below. Be forewarned, these are gateway cats and I won’t take responsibility for the inevitable dip in your productivity.

Click one of the pictures below to load the Procatinator:


Which Procatinator clip is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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I'm a Seattle girl with So Cal roots who has fully embraced coffee, galoshes, and the fact that not every beach is replete with surfers. If I'm not in front of a computer, you'll find me knitting, exercising, or eating at the hot new restaurant in town.

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