Super Weird Pet Tattoos

By on June 6, 2013

As I sat in the tattoo parlor lobby a few years ago, nervously waiting to get my first ink, I flipped through the pages of one of the artists’ portfolio books and came across a tattoo of a very realistically drawn cat portrait with a banner underneath it that simply said “2005 – 2007.” I remember kind of laughing to myself and thinking, “Wow, that cat must have been pretty amazing to have secured a permanent spot on its owners arm after being around for only two years.”

I realize now that pet tattoos* are way more common than I ever imagined. Most of the ones out there are pretty tame, but then there are others that take it to a whole new level of weird. Here are just a few of the strangest pet tattoos, in no particular order.

*Pet tattoos meaning tattoos of animals, on people. Not to be confused with the controversial new trend that involves actually tattooing your pet.


Pet Tattoos: Five Cats

This tattoo has so much weirdness going on I’m not even sure where to begin…


Pet Tattoos. Fur Baby

I wonder if this “fur baby” is one of those dogs that’s spoiled enough to get its own doggy hot tub.


Pet Tattoos: Grumpy Cat

She’s totally judging this person’s decision to go through with this tattoo.


Pet Tattoos: Three Happy Dogs

Let’s be honest: if your dog looked up at you with a smile like this and asked you to please tattoo his/her face on your body, you probably wouldn’t be able to say no either.


Pet Tattoos: Old Cat

I’m not quite sure how to define that look this cat is making, but I do know he’s staring directly into my soul with those eyes.


Pet Tattoos: Buddy the Poorly Drawn Cat

I’m hoping maybe a young child lovingly designed this tattoo for their mom or dad. If not, it’s just kind of sad. Buddy deserves better.


Pet Tattoos: Five Dogs

At first glance I was like, “oh how sweet, one big happy dog family!” But then I noticed the sad half-a-dog hanging out by himself over to the left. Poor thing even got (mostly) cropped out of the photo.


Pet Tattoos: Keyboard Cat

I wonder if Keyboard Cat’s biggest fan is still happy this will be on his body “4 life.”


Pet Tattoos: Killer Hampster

I bet this person is always getting comments from strangers like, “Awww…what an adorable killer hamster you have on your arm!”


Pet Tattoos: This man's hand IS a cat!

Before cat bearding was a thing…


Pet Tattoos: Cupcake

Mostly, I just really love that this dog is named “Cupcake.”


Pet Tattoos: Regal Dog

This one is so over-the-top ridiculous it’s actually pretty awesome.


Pet Tattoos: Cat Eyes

And this one brings up so many questions. Like why is only one side of the mouth complete? Why are the eyes different colors? Why would anyone permanently put this on their body? Just…why?


Pet Tattoos: Poodle

Apparently this person wasn’t ashamed to show the world that she inflicted this horrible haircut upon her innocent dog.


Pet Tatoos: Dog Licks Nipple

The tongue placement here was either an accident or an attempt at being funny. Either way, it’s just gross.


Pet Tattoos: Cat Butt

…But not as gross as this (I’m so sorry; it cannot be unseen).

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