As Seen on the Internets: Pocket Shirt Cats

By on December 5, 2013

Quite possibly the cutest images that you will see on the Internet this week, Japanese artist Hiroko Kubota recently started selling a series of custom shirts that feature kittens and adult cats peeking out of shirt pockets on a typical men’s dress shirt. These cute little furballs are hand-stitched onto the shirt making each fairly unique.

While Kubota can only create a few of these shirts at a time, she has turned a nice profit on the feline-wear.  According to the Huffington Post, Kubota sells the shirts on her Etsy store for approximately $250 to $300 per creation and is currently sold out of all designs. She also features the designs on her Flickr page if you want to check out more of the shirts.

We picked out our top 10 favorite designs and featured them below. Check out the pocket shirt cats!

Black Cats Being Playful

Fat Cat Chin

Cat Peeking out behind buttons

Cat Peeking out of torn pocket

Fat Cat

Kitten Waving Hi

Kitten Yawn

Kitten in shirt pocket

Long Eared Cat

Tabby Kitten

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