Six Hilarious Travel Posters for the Lazy

By on June 25, 2013

Developed by College Humor and currently on sale here, this collection of travel posters gives adventurous life to the mundane events and activities of the day. Ideal for any staycation, events depicted within the series include ditching your friends through a text message, making a trip to raid the refrigerator or simply procrastinating on everything in your life by staying in bed all day.

Other ways to waste your time include browsing the Internet all day instead of working, binge watching an endless number of Hulu episodes and spending hours in front of a video game console or computer frighting dragons while playing Skyrim. As an added bit of humor, each poster is brought to you by a fictional travel agency. For instance, the Hulu poster is brought to you by the “Oh God, How is it 4 in the morning already?” agency.

Check out the full collection below:

Scroll the Infinite Pages of the Internet

Experience Hulu: The Land of Multiple Seasons

Excape Obligations on your Cell Phone

Kill Time, and Also Dragons. Experience Skyrim

Explore the Frozen Past, then eat it!

Travel Posters: Procrastinate and go back to bed

Which one of the travel posters was your favorite? What activity would you add to the list?

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