Nothing Beats Two Great Pairs of Legs

By on April 17, 2013

The Beijing Olympics were a long time ago. With no opening ceremonies to practice for, Chinese citizens have instead found something new to do: take photographs of their dogs wearing pantyhose.

Known as “gou gou chuan siwa” in Chinese, the movement can be traced back to this photo, posted to the social network Weibo early in April:

Dogs in pantyhose and high heels

Numerous others have followed, some with fancy footwear:

Dog wearing pantyhose and zebra-striped boots

Some with just the hose:

Dog standing and wearing pantyhose

And some dogs are apparently divas who demand additional accessories:

Dog wearing pantyhose and a tiara

At first glance, this may not seem much different from putting a sweater or a hat on a dog, but because of how dogs recognize each other, it’s actually the equivalent of forcing a ski mask onto a human.

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