• ewok
    Four-legged Fanboys Rejoice! 9 Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Dogs

    While human beings have long since enjoyed the luxury of getting to prance around as Star Wars Stormtroopers, Sith Lords, and Jedi Knights during Sci-Fi conventions, Halloween, and casual Fridays, for years man’s best friend has been unjustly...

    • Posted 10 months ago
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  • Bowser Beer for Dogs
    Pet Toys Fido Would Buy If His Card Wasn’t Maxed Out

    The bond between us and our dogs and cats is much stronger than that of just mere pets… we prefer to think of them as servants or slaves. Minions, even. And the lesson we learned when we...

    • Posted 11 months ago
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  • Nothing Beats Two Great Pairs of Legs

    The Beijing Olympics were a long time ago. With no opening ceremonies to practice for, Chinese citizens have instead found something new to do: take photographs of their dogs wearing pantyhose. Known as “gou gou chuan siwa”...

    • Posted 6 years ago
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