NES Cartridge Art: Where the Past and Present Collide

By on June 28, 2013

62pins carts

If you haven’t checked out the fantastic work of 72Pins, you are about to have a fun time. The company takes classic NES cartridges and applies a new label that’s related to something relevant in the gaming, television or movie industry. Of course, these aren’t real NES games. They are designed to be art pieces to show off your love for a specific piece of pop culture.

You can find these carts for sale on the 72Pins site here. While the majority are currently out of stock, the company constantly refreshes the carts, and updates on new carts in stock can be found on the 72Pins blog here. One of the most recent additions takes on the popular Netflix series Arrested Development with games about the Bluth stair car, Steve Holt, the chicken dance and Buster Bluth’s hook.

Check out some of our favorite shots of the 72Pins carts below:

Bioshock in fish tank

Call of Duty NES cart

Dead Island on the beach


Fight Club with blood

Game of Thrones in the snow

God of War

Grand Theft Auto IV in car

Arrested Development NES carts

Mortal Kombat

Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare

Ron Swanson NES cart

Shaun of the Dead

Skyrim NES cart

Sonic the Hedgehog with rings

Super Maat Boy in meat case

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