Here’s the cheapest Nintendo Switch on Black Friday 2019

By on November 18, 2019

Shopping for a Nintendo Switch this year? We’ve looked through all the Black Friday ads and broken down where you can get the cheapest Nintendo Switch bundle, the best overall Switch deal and the cheapest deal on additional Switch Joy-Cons (as well as advice on the Switch Lite).

Best Price on a Nintendo Switch Bundle w/ game: $299.99 + $25 Gift Coupon

This bundle was specifically rolled out for the major retailers to sell on Black Friday. It includes a digital copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ($60 MSRP) and is available with the grey joy-cons or the red/blue colors. The best deal will be Thursday through Sunday at GameStop. Their bundle includes a $25 gift coupon as a bonus.


A word of warning on this bundle: Nintendo is clearing out inventory of the older version of the Switch using this bundle, which means you will get about 2.5 to 6.5 hours of battery life versus 4.5 to 9 hours on the new HAC-001(-01) model that came out during September. You will be able to find this bundle at retailers such as:

  • GameStop: Not Listed on Site Yet (Bonus $25 Gift Coupon)
  • Best Buy: LINK (comes with free screen protector as a bonus)
  • Target: LINK
  • Walmart: LINK

Best Deal on a Nintendo Switch Bundle: $319.99 + $90 Kohl’s Cash

This bundle doesn’t come with any games, but it does include a carrying case for the Switch (ideal for mobile users) as well as separate charging dock for the joy-cons. Those two additional items would typically run about $40 together.


Of course, the real bonus here is the Kohl’s Cash. Hypothetically, you could use it to pick up a couple new Switch games with the gift card, effectively increasing the value of the overall bundle.

  • Kohl’s: Not listed on site yet. Online deals will start to appear at 12:01 CT on Monday Nov 25.

Best Deal on a Nintendo Switch Lite: $199 + $25 GC

Several of the major retailers are listing the Nintendo Switch Lite at full MSRP, no bundles available. However, Gamestop will be offering a bonus $25 Gift Coupon with a purchase of a Switch Lite.


In addition,, Kohl’s is currently listing a couple Switch Lite bundles (example), which would include $60 to $75 worth of Kohl’s cash. Not too shabby!  Online, we’ve already seen sales as cheap as $170 using 15% coupons on sites like Rakuten.  Our advice would be to look for any late arriving online bundles on sites like Amazon or simply snag a coupon discount on sites like eBay, Rakuten when available.

Best Deal on Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

It’s always good to have a backup set of controllers available and having an additional set makes it easy for friends to join in on multiplayer games like Mario Party.


There are two retailers that have announced they will be discounting the official joy-cons this year, Best Buy and Target. Pricing is identical, a $20 discount on most models. If you are looking for more of a traditional controller, Wal-mart is discounting some $45 controllers down to $29.

Regarding online sales, be aware that deals in these price ranges start around mid-November at various online retailers. Watch the main Ben’s feed for the latest gaming deals.

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