If Major Companies / Brands Used Realistic Slogans…

By on June 5, 2013

After reading through the brilliant ideas within this Reddit thread, we decided to create a handful of realistic logos complete with a snarky slogan pitched by a Reddit user (credited below).

Our targets for this batch include Best Buy, Under Armour, Taco Bell, Comcast, Toyota, RadioShack, Motel 6, Geek Squad, Dasani, Adobe, Apple, Netflix, Loreal, Home Depot and Norton by Symantec.

Enjoy! Let us know which one was your favorite in the comments below:

Taco Bell Slogan: You're Drunk, We're Open

Tagline credit: Baderkadonk

Best Buy Slogan: Your Local Amazon Showroom

Tagline credit: HumanCancer

Comcast Slogan: We know you would rather have Google Fiber

Tagline Credit: Time-Space-Calliope

Dasani: Italian for "Coke just sold you tap water"

Tagline Credit: Moondance

Geek Squad: Let Us Google That for You

Tagline Credit: MCINTJ

Loreal: Because You are ugly

Tagline Credit: trophy_hunter

Home Depot: You Can Do It. We Can Hide

Tagline Credit: TedtheDog

Adobe Slogan: An update is available.

Tagline Credit: PulpCanMove

Apple, It's new Buy it.

Tagline Credit: XRayAlpha

Motel 6: We'll Leave the Lights on for you. This is a dangerous neighborhood

Tagline Credit: GrimBlood

Netflix: Wait, Don't Go! Arrested Development!

Tagline Credit: NotMathMan821

Norton: The Anti-virus virus

Tagline Credit: MogKnight23

RadioShack: Buying Batteries? What's Your address?

Tagline credit: Business-Socks

Under Armour: Now You can pretend you work out

Tagline credit: TalonSpyre

Toyota: Moving Forward and Forward and Forward

Tagline credit: I_am_Tooth

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