Conan O’Brien Takes His Revenge on Grand Theft Auto V

By on September 26, 2013

grand theft auto v Conan

For Conan O’Brien and Team COCO, playing Grand Theft Auto V seemed like a good idea.  And in fact, it started off well.  Through the sheer force of enthusiasm, Conan manages to steal a car in-game.  Sadly, what happens next can only be described as pushing an extremely difficult bolder up a hill, and that hill comes in the form of a car chase.  After failing to carefully capture a boat with a car, Conan then ponders whether or not characters like Franklin and Wade are really worth all of the bother. “Franklin died! You know what, I’ve known Franklin all of eight minutes… boo hoo, Franklin died.”  “Who needs Wade? Has he contributed anything so far?”

But as often happens, all of the ambition for conquering the world of Grand Theft Auto, and for building meaningful relationships with the characters that inhabit that world, is side tracked by one seemingly harmless trip to the one of the game’s strip clubs.

Now don’t misunderstand, while Conan is happy enough to hang around the virtual strip club and spend virtual money, his attempt to avoid a bouncer ends out on the sidewalk.  This rejection by force quickly incenses Conan, and all of the rage built up when failing to properly drive various vehicles throughout the game becomes focused on returning to the strip club.  The strip club denizens see Conan coming a mile away, and once again it all ends out on the sidewalk.

What comes next? Revenge!  How the heck does one exactly exact revenge on a video game strip club is a question that most people might not be ready to answer, but Conan knows how to play to win.  Paper beats rock, and rock beats scissor, but only an army attack chopper beats strip club.

But then again, power lines beat an army attack chopper…

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  1. dizturbed19

    November 17, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    He wrecked it. But Los Santos will always prosper. Great video!

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