Check Out All the Returning TV Show Trailers Pouring In for the Spring

By on January 21, 2015

Now that Santa Claus is returned home, the Hanukkah candles are stowed away and any other relevant (politically correct to mention) holiday is come to pass, we media consumers can finally celebrate the true light of our lives: zombies, ruthless politicians and modern gunslingers. If you aren’t immediately nodding your head at that last reference, you’ve missed out one one of the best shows of the past decade by about a mile. Don’t worry, it’s woefully underwatched by the rest of the world too:

Justified – January 20

Don’t get too caught up in the somewhat hokey tone of the trailer. What you need to pay attention to is the not-so-subtle subtext. Okay, it’s just text. Raylan, the cowboy-looking U.S. Marshal, and Boyd, the career criminal, have been dodging and weaving each other for a solid five season now. Like many great shows do these days, Justified transitioned out of a “case of the week” format to a more serialized way of things after its first season, propping up larger-than-life bad guys over the course of a season for a final confrontation of sorts. It rarely plays out as you expect and, most importantly, the dialogue is written with a unique blend of quippy southern and modern mentalities. Raylan and Boyd are equal kings of the one-liner.

The Walking Dead – February 8

Rick and the gang might’ve been a jolly romp of a TV show following a happy-go-lucky group of westerners just trying to get their BBQ Joint off the ground (as a spin-off of Freddy’s in House of Cards, of course), but then the zombies came and had to ruin everything. Instead we get trailers like this, where life sucks and people are all kinds of dirty. At least there’s consequence-free violence and less children to worry about as our herd of heroes is thinned, arbitrarily added to and then thinned some more.

 Better Call Saul – February 8

It might not be Breaking Bad, but it’s about the closest we’re going to get since the end of the blue meth. This is the pre-adventure of Walter White’s slimy lawyer Saul Goodman as he transitions from disenfranchised public defender to money hungry, shameless personal defense hound. Thankfully, from some of the same people who did Breaking Bad, expect to enjoy the flaws of the character more than anything redeeming. What better way to watch a lawyer screw people over every week?

House of Cards – February 27

Indomitable politician Francis Underwood and his equally terrifying wife Claire return in what some might consider a better position than they started last year. Nothing about the trailer speaks to a season any more subdued or relaxed than the first two. Fans would be disappointed if it did. Nope, the Underwoods will surely ruin more lives and threaten on a global scale in the name of personal power, because that’s what Americans do, according to television. If you’re planning to binge watch it, head over to our binge watching guide to get ready.

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