Batman: Arkham Knight Funko POP! Figures Exude Appropriate Righteousness

By on July 23, 2015

Funko revealed a quartet of POP! Vinyl figures today drawn from the recently released Batman: Arkham Knight. Though the existence of such figures isn’t surprising – the series has inspired more than a few figures in the past – the addition of the titular villain to the cast is certainly worth note.

Batman: Arkham Knight POP Figure

Also of note: seeing these four reminds me just how self-righteous Batman characters can be – villain or foe – and one figure does stand out from the rest in opposition to that theory. Here’s looking at you, Harley Quin, for not giving a toot in the same vain of your similarly insane mentor. Maybe that’s what makes those two stand out.

Batman: Arkham Knight POP FigureAnd then you’ve got the required Batman update, decked out in perhaps the most technological armor he’s ever had, sans some fan-fiction Steampunk variation that most certainly exists. There’s a classic tint to the coloring going on here as well.

Batman: Arkham Knight POP FigureFinally, the weakest of the bunch, is the Scarecrow. Though the character dips in and out of hamminess from one variation to the next, it’s safe to say this visualization lacks the kind of oomph the preceding three present. It doesn’t help that he more resemples a Lord of the Rings character than something out of a noir super hero comic book.Batman: Arkham Knight POP Figure ScarecrowAccording to IGN, which debuted the figures, they’ll all sell for the standard $11 when they hit stores in September.

Just this week we also wrote up the large collection of Fallout figures on sale already, with a group of minis to hit stores in the fall. Each of those seven figures deserves a quick look see if you enjoy what you see here.

You could always just head to Funko’s website and peruse the ever-growing catalog of POP! Vinyl figures for yourself. Or you could just wait for me to write about them, which will definitely keep happening.

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