10 Vintage Back-To-School Advertisements

By on July 25, 2013

That back-to-school time of the year has always been bittersweet. You’re cooped up indoors most of the day, but the days are still long and leave plenty of time to play. You say goodbye to all your new summer friends, but all your old buddies or girlfriends are back in town. Waking up early is such a pain, but new seasons of TV shows and morning cartoons begin again.

Whether you’re or 16 or 61, here are a few ads you might remember and a lot you probably wont.

Back-to-school 1990
A Lisa Frank Awesome Fun Pack! Beware, only for "cool kids."
back-to-school 1956
an AMF Roadmaster will get you to and from school
Back-to-school with Bates

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