Artist illustrates her dad as a superhero for a Father’s Day gift

By on June 14, 2013

Created by illustrator / photographer Guilia Pex of Milan, Italy, this set of seemingly mundane photographs have been enhanced with the superhero-infused illustrations. Pex took pictures of her dad in various poses or during his daily chores and added illustrated elements from the worlds of Superman, the Flash, Batman and Spider-Man. The set shows how she sees her dad each day, just in time for Father’s Day.

Object illustrated within the photos include the Bat signal, the Batmobile, the iconic Superman chest symbol, a billowing superhero cape (much to the sadness of this fashion designer), the Justice League Mission Vision Motorcycle (oddly used by The Flash) and Doc Ock’s metal arms.

Pex has applied a similar mesh of illustrations and real life objects in here other work as well. You can take a look at her full portfolio here. Check out the cool Father’s Day illustrations below:

Father's Day superdad Superman symbol with someone calling for help

Superdad's batmobile with the bat symbol in the sky

Superdad standing on roof with billowing cape

Superdad with a weedwacker and giant metal arms

Superdad on the Flash's motorcycle


Which one is your favorite? What superhero is a good match to your father?

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