25 Best Reactions and Memes for Super Bowl XLVIII

By on February 3, 2014

Yet another Super Bowl has come and gone. Denver fans are drowning their sorrows while new Seahawks fans are leaping onto the bandwagon. And of course, the entire Internet was ready to lampoon the losers as well as the commercials, halftime show and pretty much everything else that happened during Super Bowl XLVIII.

We have scoured the Web to find the 25 best memes and reactions that hit on everything in yesterday’s game. Feel free to take a look and be sure to post your favorite in our comments below. Enjoy!

Best Picture of the Game

Super Bowl meme I forgot how to football

So many highlights

Super Bowl meme Broncos 1st half highlights

Horrible Joke #1

Horrible joke

Where’s OJ when you need him?

Bronco run

Call back next year

Broncos defense not home

Happens every year

too many car commercials

Horrible Joke #2

Broncos cereal joke

Serious First World Problems

too many commercials playing before commercials

Denver has been Zoidberged

Denver was bad and they should feel bad

Gandalf called it

Gandalf calls the Super Bowl

Insanity Wolf Places a Bet

Super Bowl meme Insanity Wolf places a bet

Surprise, Surprise

the best offense is a good defense

Poor Peyton

My towel was intercepted

Probably got it from Han

It's real tauntaun!

Peyton must have lost his red stapler

I was told there would be Broncos offense

That was quick

Broncos have some momentum and it's gone

And he was quicker on his feet

Spent more time on the field than Peyton

Time to update the resume

Hey Papa John's are you hiring?

It’s like lighting money on fire

I payed $3500 for this feeling

Many years ago

Remember when super bowl commercials were good?

At least he asked nicely

Hey Payton over here!

After watching the T-Mobile commercials

Stop trying to make Tebow happen

More First World Problems

Too much bruno mars

But Peyton is a people person.

So Denver what would you say that you do here?

Same goes for the halftime show

What Year is it?!

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