• Captain America Civil War
    Captain America Civil War: Why Are Good Guys Fighting Each Other?

    A long, long time ago… 2006… a small print shop known simply as “Marvel” released a seven-issue, limited series crossover special in which teams of virtuous heroes took time away from fighting the evils of the world...

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  • Deadpool
    4 Essential Deadpool Comics to Prepare for the Movie

    Does everything you know about Deadpool come from his cameo in Wolverine: Origins? For shame, fan-boy! Every True Believer knows that’s not the real Deadpool. With the movie coming out soon (and looking a lot better than...

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  • Shooting as Iron Man
    Superhero Kids: The Power of a Little Imagination

    Created by digital artist Andy Fairhurst, this collection of silhouette illustrations captures how imaginative kids can be with the help of a few household items and the great outdoors. Dressing up as their favorite superheroes (and villains), these illustrated...

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  • Wolverine Logan
    Split Personalities: Superheroes and Their Alter Egos

    Developed by Danny Haas over the last few years, this collection of illustrations dives into the identities of superheroes made famous in comic books and graphic novels. This series has been successful for Haas, particularly his take on...

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  • Superdad standing on roof with billowing cape
    Artist illustrates her dad as a superhero for a Father’s Day gift

    Created by illustrator / photographer Guilia Pex of Milan, Italy, this set of seemingly mundane photographs have been enhanced with the superhero-infused illustrations. Pex took pictures of her dad in various poses or during his daily chores...

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  • Wolverine sporting a mustache
    Superstaches: When Superheroes and Mustaches Collide

    Developed by graphic design and illustration company Locust Year, Superstaches is a collection of illustrations that adds the most manliest of mustaches to popular superheroes and pop culture heroes. Characters in the collection include Iron Man, Wolverine, Batman,...

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