• Kitten Waving Hi
    As Seen on the Internets: Pocket Shirt Cats

    Quite possibly the cutest images that you will see on the Internet this week, Japanese artist Hiroko Kubota recently started selling a series of custom shirts that feature kittens and adult cats peeking out of shirt pockets...

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  • The Avengers as Team Catvengers
    What Superheroes and Villains Would Look Like As Cats

    Springing from the creative mind of San Francisco’s Jenny Parks, these killer feline-infused illustrations depict how a collection of superheroes, villains and pop culture icons would look like if they were cats. Parks got started with an adaptation of the...

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  • A classic, there's too much to love about this picture: the mid-90's snowflake sweater, the exact same facial expression being shared by both pet and owner, the miniature Santa hat. But the best part of all is clearly the huge cat head floating around to the left.
    10 Most Awkward Cat Family Photos

    You know what’s really awesome? The surprisingly high number of photos that come up when you type “awkward cat family photos” into Google Images. Like there were so many that only a fraction of them made it...

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  • Colonel Meow
    Colonel Meow Is Not Pleased

    “Earth Day?” hisses Colonel Meow. “You mean Colonel Meow Day!” Watch out Henri the Cat and Grumpy Cat! Your influence is on the wane! Colonel Meow is the Angriest Cat on the Internet™. In a few short...

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