Waste Not, Want Not: Best Deals to Buy in March

By on February 28, 2014

What to Buy In March

Spring is just around the corner, which means March will be your last chance to grab the last of the great winter clothes deals that you’ve been seeing the last couple of months. At Ben’s Bargains, we’ve seen a huge volume of apparel deals in January and February and some have been genuinely noteworthy with Columbia Sportswear taking 50% off select jackets.

You’ll have to wait another half a year before you see a rush of good apparel deals (see Back to School season).

Also, with Easter falling on a late date this year (April 20th), retailers will have more time to extend spring sales and push Easter candy, cards and flowers earlier on consumers.  What else is in store in March? Let’s take a look:

Next Gen is Here and Getting Cheaper

In late February, Microsoft announced that it will be releasing the Xbox One bundled with the hotly anticipated Titanfall game for $500 on March 11th. (It’s even less if you pre-order with a special Microsoft Store 5% off code by texting MSHS to 29502 on your phone.) There are two ways to look at this news: you’re getting a great game for free or Microsoft has basically knocked 50 bucks off the price of the standard console, which is exactly what they did in the U.K.


Either way, anyone who waited it out can now get a decent deal on the Xbox One, while the early adopters will cringe at such a rapid price drop a mere three months after launch.

On the PlayStation 4 front, members of PlayStation Plus will get the new Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition for PS4 as a free download on March 5th. PS3 owners will get the excellent Tomb Raider reboot for free. Not shabby.

Home Improvement

With the harsh winter weather dampening revenue and damaging homes, big box retailers Home Depot and Lowe’s are widely expected to aggressively push sales this spring.  Towards the end of the month, you’ll see “Black Friday in Spring” sales at Home Depot roll out on multiple weekends and in different geographic regions. Region-specific pricing is not uncommon for the home improvement category.

According to Businessweek, grills, patio furniture and cordless mowers will be getting the doorbuster treatment, so watch for the weekly sales flyers.

March Madness

Although not as big a push as the Super Bowl HDTV sales, college basketball’s annual frenzy of playoff games inspires another round of discounts on big-screen TVs. In fact, in terms of ad revenue, March Madness makes more money now than the Super Bowl and the NFL playoffs. Retailers will be eager to take advantage of this audience as well as the tax refunds that start trickling in around this time.


The first round of the NCAA Tournament starts on March 18th, so expect to see some deals on last year’s and this year’s models in the lead-up. Last year, Amazon held a March Madness TV and electronics sale with discounts ranging from 20% to 50% off.

The next few weeks will see the highest volume of TV discounts that you’ll be seeing until the fall, as summer is traditionally a slow time for TV sales.

The Next Big Thing

The next installment of the mega-popular Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones arrives next month when the Galaxy S5 makes its debut on April 11th. You should see heavier discounts and sales on existing Galaxy S4 unlocked and subsidized phones in the weeks before the newest phone’s launch.

The Galaxy S5 will be packed with new features like water-resistant shell, personal fitness tracker and a fingerprint scanner like the one used by its chief rival, the Apple iPhone 5s. The question now is, how will the iPhone 6 respond when it’s released later in the fall?

Other high-profile smartphones like the Sony Xperia Z2 and the LG G2 mini will be arriving in North America in March, and the LG G Pro 2 and Desire 816 will kick off in April. The flood of brand-new phones will be good news for consumers who like to wait to get hot deals on the outgoing old generation products.

Spring Break

Because Spring Break is such an in-demand time of year to travel, it can be rough finding travel deals. The key is to find the cheapest dates or days of the week. If at all possible, avoid the two weeks after March 16th because those are the most popular dates and the most expensive airfares.


Also, the general rule of thumb for saving money on airfares is to to book your plane ticket at least 15 days before traveling. Lastly, try to do Monday to Monday or Tuesday to Tuesday roundtrip fares which are much cheaper on average (up to 20%).

Purchasing tickets in the late afternoon on Tuesdays has long been considered the best time of the week to find sales from the major airlines, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. Some people consider the weekend a good time to book cheap airfares.

Don’t Forget Deal Alerts

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– Mike Flacy contributed to this report.

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