Shut Up and Take My Money: The Super Mario Coin Block Lamp

By on April 13, 2013

shut_up_and_take_my_moneyDeveloped by a group called 8-Bit Lit, the Super Mario coin block, interactive lamp turns on and off by tapping the bottom of the lamp and even includes the classic Super Mario coin sound after each tap. After eight taps of toggling the coin block lamp on and off, the sound will shift to the familiar 1-UP sound used when Mario gains an extra life.

The lamp is 6 inches by 6 inches by 6 inches in size and has been manufactured out of laser-cut plexiglass. Within the lamp, the designers have used energy-efficient LEDs in order to brighten up the room. At the top of the lamp, the designers have included a 11-foot power cord to hang the lamp from a hook on the ceiling and plug it into a standard power outlet. However, a custom acrylic stand can be purchased separately in order to place the Super Mario lamp on a nightstand in a bedroom or perhaps on an end table in a living room.


For the moment, the creators have put Etsy sales on hold in order to develop a Kickstarter campaign for the Super Mario coin block lamp. While the lamp was priced at $75 on Etsy, it’s likely the price could be significantly reduced with a sizable investment from Kickstarter backers and a mass production line. Anyone interested in purchasing a lamp can sign up for an email alert on the 8-Bit Lit site. Kickstarter backers usually have access to an early adopter price that can include a discount approximately 25 percent off the standard price.

However, if anyone wants to shell out $10,000 on an Etsy purchase of the lamp right now, the creators claim they will hand-deliver the lamp to your door while wearing tuxedos. Prior to adjusting the sales price to a ridiculous $10,000, the creators sold approximately 700 lamps which generated over $52,000 in sales.

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