Superhero Kids: The Power of a Little Imagination

By on June 27, 2013

Created by digital artist Andy Fairhurst, this collection of silhouette illustrations captures how imaginative kids can be with the help of a few household items and the great outdoors. Dressing up as their favorite superheroes (and villains), these illustrated tikes take on the mantel of the Bat, the rage of the Hulk, the insanity of the Joker and the patriotism of Captain America.

Besides depicting the creativity of children pretending to be superheroes, Fairhurst has extended the series to include pop culture icons such as Doctor Who, Marty McFly, Master Chief, Gandalf the Grey, Elliot from E.T. and Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas). Beyond the silhouette series, you will also find illustrations related to Star Wars, Tron, Bioshock and Prince of Persia in addition to a variety of character portraits of Marvel and DC comic book heroes.

You can take a look at Fairhurst’s other work on his DeviantArt profile here. However, be sure to check out the superhero kids series below. Can you name them all?

Superhero Kids

superhero kids as Batman

superhero kids as Captain America

Running as the Flash

Riding as Ghost Rider

Bouncing as Green Lantern

Shooting arrows as Hawkeye

Becoming the Hulk

Shooting as Iron Man

Water Guns as the Punisher

Ready to fight as Robin

Spinning a web as Spider-Man

Creating a Storm as Storm

Looking heroic as Superman

Thor the God of Thunder

Wolverine ready to strike

Wonder Woman with her lasso

Super-Villain Kids

superhero kids as Bane

Jumping rope as Catwoman

Branches to create Doc Ock.

Harley Quinn

Flipping cards as Joker

Battling Thor as Loki

attracting metal as Magneto

Growing plants as Poison Ivy


Which one was your favorite?

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