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By on June 1, 2013

Decking out your room with your favorite movie, TV show or comic book hero doesn’t have to end when you “grow up.” Here are some amazingly character-inspired cool rooms and living spaces, along with easy ways to add some similar, nerdy flair to your current home decor.

Batman Hotel Room

This Batman-themed hotel room, located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, costs $50 per three hours of use. Judging by the pictures, that’s a total bargain.


Do it yourself: You can buy a Batmobile bed frame on Etsy ($750) or, for a lot less, a pretty cool batmobile graphic for the wall ($90).

Superman Bedroom

This Superman bedroom has it all — a giant globe, the iconic telephone booth, and even Superman himself.


Do it yourself: Add a Phone booth sticker/poster to your door ($60), purchase a  life-size Superman cardboard cutout ($58), or just go all-out with a life-size fiberglass statue (only $4,999.99).

Star Wars AT-AT Bedroom

There are about a million awesome Star Wars rooms out there, but this AT-AT bed might literally be the coolest thing I have ever laid eyes on in my entire 27 years of life.


Do it yourself: Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for making your own AT-AT bed (and securing your place in the “best parent ever” club). Or just get this cute AT-AT quilted bedding (and score yourself a spot in the “pretty great parent” club).

James Bond Home Bar

This 007-inspired luxury home has a study with a secret rotating panel that turns into a bar.


Do it yourself: Being James Bond came up with this list of 12 James Bond home bar essentials. You can also get some official 007 martini glasses ($13 apiece) to class up your bar area.

Doctor Who Tardis Room

This guy created a replica Doctor Who TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space — basically, a time machine) at his parents’ house. It cost about $1,500, and according to him, involved lots of “drawings and math and many long nights involving mad laughter” to complete.


Do it yourself: Unfortunately, we aren’t all talented enough to build an actual TARDIS. Thankfully, there are many other TARDIS-themed items available to help you spice up nerd up any room (including a trashcan, lamp, tent, and cookie jar, just to name a few).

Comic Book Bathroom

Because bathroom walls covered in comic book pages not only look cool, but give you something to read while you’re in there.


Do it yourself: eBay sells pre-made comic book wall murals ($200+) or, follow these instructions to make your own wallpaper out of old comic books.

Star Trek Living Room

Sadly, the guy who spent 10 years turning his 500-square-foot apartment into a Star Trek fanboy’s dream home recently had to dismantle it after getting a divorce last year.


Do it yourself: If you want to follow in his footsteps*, installing this Star Trek Electronic Door Chime ($30) is a good place to start.

*You should probably make sure your wife is cool with the home makeover before you begin.

Balloon Bag End

Well, this Lord of the Rings-inspired room was constructed entirely out of balloons.


Do it yourself: Buy yourself some balloons and go all out I guess.

Avengers Playroom

This Avengers-themed playroom was featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. More pictures of the awesomeness can be found here.


Do it yourself: The comic book-inspired talk bubble whiteboard is a really fun touch. You can get four of them for around $50.

Batcave Home Theater

Remember when I said the AT-AT bed was the coolest thing I had ever laid eyes on? Well, scratch that. This might just top it.


Do it yourself: Gothic lighting is a must for any batcave-inspired room. Here’s a bunch of options (prices vary).

X-Men Hotel Room

Why do all the coolest hotels have to be so far away? This one is located at Hotel Victoria in the Philippines.


Do it yourself: Unfortunately, there’s a serious lack of X-Men decor available for purchase online. However, here’s a tutorial for making your own X-Men bed.

Star Wars House

This Star Wars-inspired house is located in Hawaii, and it’s beyond awesome — just check out the home theater room, complete with a three dimensional fiber optic starscape and acoustic wall panels that look like starship doors.


Do it yourself: If you don’t have a few million dollars lying around, you can pretty easily and cheaply spruce up your entertainment area with some cool Star Wars film posters ($9 to $20). This Wampa rug might make a since addition as well ($116).

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