Yaheetech Patio Bistro Set Review

By on May 5, 2023

Overall Grade

8 /10


  • -Cute design
  • -Good for small spaces
  • -Inexpensive


  • -White cushions
  • -Small table space
  • -Hard to say if wicker will hold up longterm

We’ve had the longest, snowiest Minnesota winter in recent memory. I figured maybe if I put out some patio furniture, spring would take hint and make an appearance! I decided to try this Yaheetech 3-Piece Outdoor Patio Bistro Set from Amazon (MSRP $220).

We have a corner lot on a hill with a small, narrow backyard that has always been hard to buy outdoor furniture for; everything is always too big and clunky looking for the space. I was hopeful this set would give at least the two adults in our family a nice little spot to relax while watching the kids jump (/wrestle each other) on the trampoline.

So did it do the trick? Would it make our little backyard patio more comfortable and usher in a new season of sunshine and warmth? Let’s take a look.


You never really know what you’re gonna get when you order furniture online. Sometimes you get a bunch of boxes, sometimes you get just one. In this case, the Yaheetech Patio Set arrived in one big square box.

The set appeared to be at least somewhat assembled when it arrived, which was a nice surprise.


Assembly was also surprisingly easy. The table came ready to go, and the chairs really just needed the legs to be screwed on. The instructions were simple and the whole thing took less than half and hour to put together.


Honestly I’m very pleased with this set, especially for the price. It’s cute and it’s sturdy. My husband is 6’10” and nearly 300 pounds (so yes, an actual giant) and he can sit on the chairs just fine. He didn’t feel like he was going to break them, and trust me, he has felt like was going to break chairs before.

The cushions seem to have some sort of water repellent on them which is a plus. Of course we got rain the day after we put the new chairs outside, but the next morning it was easy to sort of “push” the water off the cushions. My only complaint is that they are white; no matter how much stain repellent you add, there’s no way they will stay white for long with 3 kids!

The table is also small but sturdy. It’s not big enough to hold much, but it could certainly handle a couple of beers which is all anyone really needs, right?

Overall Thoughts

This is a great little patio set for under $200 (it’s currently $156 after a “clippable” coupon on Amazon). The design in trendy and cute, and it’s neutral enough to go with really any design scheme. It would look really nice on a front porch or apartment balcony–any space where you just don’t have a lot of room, but need somewhere to sit and hang out.

Now I’m gonna go plop down in one of my cute new chairs and I’m not getting up until warm weather is here and here to stay.

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