5 Useful Tech Gadgets Under $10 for Father’s Day

By on June 12, 2017

If the lead up to Father’s Day usually involves dad telling you he doesn’t need you to buy him anything, and then you purchasing him something anyway, well, first, your dad probably is displeased to know that he raised a disobedient child.

And secondly, let us try to translate what dad actually means. He means he doesn’t want you to waste your hard-earned money on a gift for him that isn’t practical.

So we have the answer: Buy him something inexpensive — say less than $10 — to ease his mind. Additionally, make sure it’s practical, something he really can use. We’ve developed a list of the five must have tech gadgets for less than $10 that work great for the dad who doesn’t want anything. (On the down side, dad won’t be able to add to his collection of ugly ties in the back of the closet.)

1. USB Hub

best usb hub

Everyone has plenty of USB powered devices these days. So adding a USB hub to your collection of tech gadgets will give you plenty of places to plug in your devices.

The Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub offers four output ports and one USB input port with 5Gbps speeds for USB 3.0 devices. Each port has an LED light for indicating its power status, which is helpful for ensuring you’ve connected your device correctly.

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2. Smartphone Screen Protector

best screen protector

Dads probably don’t take care of their phones like they should, shoving them in a pocket … or worse. So take better care of the phone with a screen protector. Glass protectors provide the most protection for a reasonable price, preventing scratches. Just make sure you pick the protector that matches the phone.

For iPhone 6 and 7:

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For Galaxy S7:

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3. USB Phone Charger for Car

best USB phone charger for car

If dad spends a lot of time in the car, make sure his smartphone is always ready to go with a USB phone charger. This unit plugs into the 12V power outlet on the car, and provides power to devices through a USB connection.

The Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger PowerDrive 2 is a nice charger with a great price point and two USB ports.

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4. Earbud Headphones

best earbud headphones

Don’t expect great audio quality with earbud headphones that cost less than $10. Then again, with the dinosaur music dad listens to, perfect audio quality probably isn’t a priority.

The best thing about inexpensive earbud headphones is that if they break, you don’t have to feel bad. We like the MEE Audio RX18 headphones, as they deliver a controlled bass level. And they’re available in multiple colors, should dad appreciate pink or purple headphones. (They’re also available in black in case that’s more his style.)

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5. USB Thumb Drive

best USB thumb drive

Everyone needs to make backup copies of their data more often than they do. So a USB thumb drive is a very practical gift that will help push dad in the right direction concerning backing up his data.

Additionally, USB thumb drives offer a ton of storage space for inexpensive prices right now. We love the SanDisk Cruzer Blade flash drive, as it offers 32GB of storage space for less than $10. It’s a USB 2.0 device, so it’s not the fastest model on the market, which is why it carries a low price right now.

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