10 Corny Corn Cob Holders

By on May 16, 2013

Summer’s coming, which means BBQs galore! If you ask me, no finger-lickin’ meal is complete without some corn on the cob. Heck, I used to get so excited to have this summertime staple on my plate that one time each and every time I obliterated parts of my fingerprint trying to hold steaming cobs. Then my Mom bought us corn cob holders. And while they might be a little ridiculous, corn cob holders are quite handy (ha! get it, handy?).  Because when it comes to things that already make me feel silly using them, the wackier the better.

Here are 10 Corny Corn Cob holders to save you from singeing your fingers and make you smile.

1. Ninja Swords (Amazon, $11)

Could a ninja even eat corn on the cob? Seems like it would  be too noisy for someone so stealthy.


 2. Uni-Corn Holders (Amazon, $8)

By far the corniest option in this roundup, but also the most magical.




3. Cob Holders by Lana Filippone (Available for preorder)

The most awesome corn cob holders of all time, hands down – and also the inspiration for me to get my hands on some unique holders this summer. Notice how the t-rex holds the corn with his mouth because his arms are just too tiny. Poor T-rex.

dino-corn-1 dino-corn-2


4. Cows Corn on the Cob Holders (Kattzs Closet, $13)

In case your burgers and steaks need some bovine buddies. Actually, the thought of looking at a tiny cow while eating one of its fallen brethren is a bit disturbing. Maybe save these for when you’re eating chicken.


5. Flip Flop Corn Holders (Amazon, $15)

Nothing says summer like freedom from socks and corn on the cob!


6. Dachshund Corn Holders (Amazon, $9)

These are pretty cute, and they allow you to make horrible puns about wieners after you’re a few beers in. Always a plus.


7. Cowboy Boot Corn Holders (Sur la table, $15)

Kick those greasy fingers to the curb with these bad boys. (Oh, the corny puns, they really never end.)


8. Mr. Bar-B-Q Corn Skewers (Amazon, $6)

In case anyone was confused about what type of event you’re serving delicious corn at, these self-referential holders feature the BBQ classics.


9. Ocean Waters Corn Holder Pick Set (Amazon, $7)

Beach barbecues and crab boils and clambakes all call out for these nautical corn cob holders. If you’re lucky, pick your pair first and go for the lighthouse since it’s the most ergonomic.


10. Large Corn-on-the-Cob Skewers (Amazon, $2)

Nothing compares to a classic — especially at a measly two dollars. There’s a reason these are the corn cob holders everyone you know owns.


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