Top Ten Questionably Licensed Game Boy Products

By on November 20, 2013

When we’re considering the most iconic images of the 20th century, the one that catches our eye most isn’t some sailor returning from the war and getting action in the street, nor is it that Marilyn Monroe upskirt shot that everyone thought was racy because Lindsey Lohan hadn’t been invented yet… No, for us the most visually stimulating and emotionally evocative image of the last century is the Game Boy, the clunky NES Jr. that saved handheld gaming from the tyranny of Mr. Game-and-Watch.

Just look at that simplicity, the functionality, the aesthetics.   A perfect machine really, at least for the time.  There were no eye warnings or numb hands back then… Just you, your video game world, and the long drive to grandma’s.  But now Game Boys exist only in memories (and the houses of hoarders and collectors).  And yet… it seems that the world feels its absence.  Artists, designers, and everyday people find themselves drawn to that little green screen and those little red buttons.

Game Boy Nursery Art Print

Game Boy Nursery Print

What better sight could a newborn set its brand new eyes on than an obsolete gaming system from the 80s!  Show your child you love them – but not with words or action or stuff like that… do it with pop culture art!  That’s why the this Nursery Art Print has a heart on the screen!

Buy the Game Boy Nursery Art Print Here

Game Boy Dress

Game Boy Dress

Here’s a handheld device we can’t take our hands off of… Girls wearing this Game Boy Dress sure know how to push gamers’ buttons.

Buy the Game Boy Dress here

Game Boy iPhone Case

iPhone Case

Some scientists theorize that Game Boys actually never went extinct… they just evolved into iPhones.  It’s only natural to think of Game Boys when you’re using your thumbs to interact with a handheld screen – this iPhone Case is kind of like the missing link.

Check Amazon for the Game Boy iPhone Case

USB 3.0 Game Boy Hard Drive

USB 3.0 Hard Drive

Still, nothing beats the feel of that big mechanical box in your hands, and if you need the real thing (or at least the shell of the real thing), the USB 3.0 Game Boy Hard Drive is for you!  Just the thing to back-up your Game Boy emulator!

Buy the USB 3.0 Game Boy Hard Drive Here

Beach Boy Towel

Beach Boy Towel

There’s just something about the crisp ocean air and calming rhythm of the waves that make us want to escape into a video game.  The Beach Boy Towel proves the theory that anything rectangular can be made Game Boy-themed.

Buy the Beach Boy Towel Here

Travel Boy Carry On Luggage

Travel Boy Carry-on Luggage

… Further proof anything rectangular can be made Game Boy.  We’re not complaining though, because the Travel Boy Carry On Case adds fun to your voyage, and makes us wish that flying game was real.

Buy the Travel Boy Carry On Luggage Here

Game Boy Watch

Game Boy Watch

“Hey, what else can we use this low resolution screen for?  How about a low resolution Game Boy Watch?”

See the Game Boy Watch Here

Nerdtendo Gamebooze 8 oz Flask

Nerdtendo Gamebooze 8 oz Flask

On the heels of the Game Boy Dress, we appreciate products for adults that make Game Boy a Game Man.  The Nerdtendo Gamebooze 8 oz Flask features one game that we never grow too old for… heavy drinking.

Buy the Nerdtendo Gamebooze 8 oz Flask Here

Game Boy Cartridge Soaps

Cartridges Soap

They look almost identical to actual cartridges… but we don’t recommend jamming them in the slot.  The Game Boy Cartridge Soaps offers a variety of your favorite classic Game Boy games.  Get them as wet as you want!

Buy the Game Boy Cartridge Soaps Here

Human Game Boy Print

Human Gameboy Print

And our last and final entry… any product you want!  The Human Game Boy Print can be printed on a variety of things, including hoodies, shirts, mugs, pillows, bags, pins, stuffed animals, water bottles, business cards, mouse pads, and even footballs (because if it’s one thing us die-hard gamers love, it’s outdoor sports).

Buy the Human Game Boy Print Products Here

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