Here’s what to buy (and what to avoid) on Columbus Day Sales

By on October 10, 2019


If you are out shopping this weekend, you may be in luck depending on what you are shopping for due to Columbus Day sales. The majority of Columbus Day sales are usually advertised as four-day sales between Friday and Monday.

What to Buy During Columbus Day Sales?

Summer Seasonal Products


This list includes patio furniture, pool equipment, grills, camping gear, hiking gear, etc… With the summer season officially over, retailers have already started to move seasonal summer items out of stores using clearance sales. You won’t find a ton of items in stock, but you will find deep discounts.


Columbus Day sales are the last big push on clothing sales until mid to late November. Look for deep discounts on summer apparel and average sales on fall clothing. Avoid purchasing winter clothing as that will be a premium until late February / early March. You will find significant discounts on jeans and shoes, partly due to leftover inventory from back-to-school sales. Look to Macy’s and Kohl’s for great deals.

Labor Day Leftovers


This usually includes mattresses, luggage and home decor products. Many products in these categories will see similar discounts to Labor Day. Look to retailers like Mattress Firm, Macy’s and the online mattress companies for discounts. Overstock and eBay have excellent luggage deals. Target and Wayfair will have solid discounts on home decor items.

Bonus Halloween Shopping Tip: Occasionally, Target will schedule a sale on Halloween costumes timed with Columbus Day sales. While the prices wouldn’t be as good as waiting until November 1st, it could be the best time to find a discount before the actual holiday. If it doesn’t happen this weekend, watch for a BOGO sale next week.

What to Avoid During Columbus Day Sales?


November is the month for deals on laptops, televisions, headphones, portable devices, etc… (Although deals may start to trickle out as early as the week of October 27.) Look for flash sales during early November from Target, Best Buy and Amazon as well as tons of sales from all major retailers as we move into Black Friday.

Video Games / Toys

The last week of November will have the best deals on video games and the first two weeks of December traditionally has the best deals on toys. However, there’s roughly 1 week less of shopping time between Black Friday and Christmas (compared to last year), so don’t be surprised if toy deals start popping up even earlier.

Large Appliances / Small Appliances


Mid to late November is always a good time to buy large appliances. Consumers will see strong sales at stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Sears. Wait for the last week of November for small appliances and look to retailers like Kohl’s, Target and Macy’s for the strongest sales.

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