The Top 5 Reasons ‘Yakuza 0’ on the PS4 is Can’t-Miss

By on January 11, 2017

After ten years, this is just the beginning.

SEGA’s ‘Yakuza’ series began life in the latter days of the PS2, and after ten years, ‘Yakuza 0’ brings the landmark series full circle. Focusing in on the beginning of this PS4 gem, (which releases in the West on January 24th, see here), and players get to be both a member of the Yakuza and a member of the Dojima family. We are talking dragons and back tattoos that are both stylish and mind-blowing.

Series’ fans know what to expect, but happily, newcomers can start right here on the PS4. And it’s here where players will learn how to walk the streets of Kamurocho (a very red light area of Tokyo). Forget modern day, this is 1988. It takes a mean mug to subsist on all the glitz and sleaze exuded by the desperate, drunk, mean and goofy types of people here, and that is where we find Kazuma Kiryu.

Just look at him.

Yakuza 0 Kazuma Mean Mug Blood PS4

Pretty mean looking, right? But now see him when he’s had a few and is relaxing with friends.

Kazuma Karaoke YAKUZA 0 PS4

Kazuma has plenty of fun diversions, but he tends take his leisure pursuits a bit seriously. Of course, who can resist relaxing with a hot shower after a long day?

YAKUZA 0 Tattoo

Right. So after carefully checking out the beginning of ‘Yakuza 0’ on the PS4, here are the top reasons why this is a can’t-miss game:

Kazuma Mushroom Dealer YAKUZA 0 PS4

1. You Can Befriend a Mushroom Dealer

No really. Not just friends, but good friends. Even the best of friends.

Mushroom Dealer Friend YAKUZA 0 PS4

2. All Cab Drivers Know Where the Crime Families Live

Cabbies YAKUZA 0 PS4

It really says something when the homes and HQs of all the crime families and their subsidiaries are requisite knowledge for cab drivers. Who needs a smart phone when cabbies are this capable?

3. You Can Break Up Burusera Rings… from the Inside

Buruesera YAKUZA 0 PS4

This is serious. Way before ‘Orange is the New Black,’ Kazuma came face to face with a mess of Burusera, and it’s up to the player to decide how to play it. (Fewer words and more punching makes for a strong statement.)

4. The Thrill of Defending Miracle Johnson from Zombies

Miracle Johnson YAKUZA 0

Miracle Johnson has pop starred his way into town. Now just defend him from zombies while Stephen Spining directs the music video. (Yes, it’s that Stephen Spining.)

Stephen Spining YAKUZA 0

5. The Fashion of 1988

Dojima Fashion 1988 YAKUZA 0

Just look at these guys. They mean business. And that business is looking damn good while they beat your ass Yakuza style. The mere sight of this trio alone would make ‘Final Fantasy XV’s Prompto delete all of his pictures.

Sohei Dojima Fashion 1988 YAKUZA 0
Ok, so these select reasons highlight how the beginning chapters of ‘Yakuza 0’ are overflowing with undeniable swag. But here are a few more just for kicks.


The Scary Clown Guy Gives You Stuff

Bob Utsunomiya 0 Scary Clown Guy YAKUZA 0 PS4

Remember when ‘Dead Rising’ was cool?

There are Time Paradox Mega Drives With Legs

Mega Drive UFO YAKUZA 0 PS4

Just in time for the ’88 launch.

Learn Words Like Pseudanthium and Subotenuhigeukiro

Pseudanthium Yakuza 0 PS4

And of course, Burusera.

Dabble in Real Estate

Real Estate Business Yakuza 0 PS4

I really want to play a game called “Insane Cash War.” I think I may just be attracted to the action.

Collect Telephone Cards

Collect Phone Cards Yakuza 0 PS4

Finally, something worth collecting (apparently). These cards so much better than those inventory-clogging tissue adverts.

Rob Mr. Shakedown

Takedown Mr. Shakedown Trophy Yakuza 0 PS4

Funk this guy. Taking Mr. Shakedown down is one of life’s most just pleasures.

Space Harrier YAKUZA 0 PS4

Space Harrier Forever

‘Space Harrier’ is hard, but it’s not ‘Out Run’ hard.

Give me Shrooms Yakuza 0 PS4

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