Eight Holiday Decorations that will Delight your Inner Geek

By on November 14, 2013

Deadpool ChristmasThe holidays are a time for merriment and cheer… so why is a big sock one of the main decorations?  Spreading Christmas joy and goodwill towards men starts with inner-joy and goodwill towards yourself, so why not trade in those traditional decorations for something a little more geek chic?  If you have to stare at a fat guy with facial hair and a red suit, is it Santa or Mario?

So deck the halls with pokéballs, and line your tree with friends of Stan Lee!  This year the holidays belong to the nerds, and no one can stop us (unless they score a critical hit with a roll of 20).

R2D2 Light Set

Geeky Holiday Decorations R2D2 Light Set

Is there anything less imaginative than bulb holiday lights?  It’s like, you wouldn’t use a lamp with no lampshade or hang a bare bulb from the ceiling (unless you were building a horror film set of a murderer’s cellar).  So why not add a little spectacle to your lighting display.  This R2D2 Light Set will transform the outside of your house from a backwater Tatooine farm into a Coruscant palace!

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Classic Video Game Controller Ornament Set

Geeky Holiday Decorations Classic Video Game Controller Ornament Set

The holidays are a time of tradition of an remembering the past.  With all the coming together of families and old friends, it’s a time for recalling old memories… and we’d wager there’s less time gathering around the hearth and more time gathering around the TV set with the video games.  The Classic Video Game Controller Ornament Set helps you take a moment to reflect on the past… on the games that are now outdated, on the consoles of Christmas pasts.

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Star Trek Cookie Cutters

Geeky Holiday Decorations Star Trek Cookie Cutters

Try as we might, we just can’t get excited about biting into the ass of a reindeer cookie.  Stars, trees, socks… aren’t you tired of holiday cookies designed by kindergarteners still uncertain about basic shapes?  This year, take your holiday treats to where no man has gone before with these Star Trek Cookie Cutters.  How about a Vulcan Salute to whet the appetite?  Maybe a Phaser will stun your taste-buds?

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Zombie Night Before Christmas

Zombie Night Before Christmas

Sure, you read a child a soothing Christmas story to put them to bed quickly… but wouldn’t it be way more fun to scare the crap out of them?  The Zombie Night Before Christmas is a twisted retelling of the beloved holiday poem, outlining with graphic illustrations our hero St. Nick as he wards off a festive zombie invasion.

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LEGO Holiday Wreath

Geeky Holiday Decorations LEGO Holiday Wreath

Is there anything you can’t make out of LEGOs?  This LEGO wreath is both seasonal and in keeping with our nerdy theme.  Besides, it just seems smarter to hang decorative plastic than dead tree branches.

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LED Motherboard Menorah

Geeky Holiday Decorations LED Motherboard Menorah

Of course something called the Festival of Lights is going to have cool techy decor!  The LED Motherboard Menorah makes counting off the days of Hanukkah as easy as flipping a switch… literally.

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DIY Gingerbread Tardis

Geeky Holiday Decorations DIY Gingerbread Tardis

Whether you have a gingerbread house or a DIY Gingerbread Tardis won’t make much difference when you’re shoveling it down your throat, but while it’s displayed on your dining room table, which one will remind you of happy sci-fi thoughts, and which will remind you of witches that eat children?

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Superhero Stockings

Geeky Holiday Decorations Superhero Stockings

With their tights and flashy costumes, it makes sense to represent your favorite comic hero with Superhero Stockings.  Perhaps a Mister Fantastic stocking would encourage more gifts?  (Unfortunately, no longer for sale.)

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