10 Weird Things You Can Eat from Amazon for Less Than $20

By on June 3, 2019

weirdest foods you can eat

People love eating weird things, especially if someone else is watching. The various social media eating challenges provide plenty of proof of this concept.

If you want to eat something weird as a social media challenge — and stay safer than the hot pepper or cinnamon challenges — we’ve collected the 10 weirdest things you can eat from Amazon. Some of these foods sound gross … and they probably taste worse. But that makes the social media following more interesting.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new favorite food. After all, someone somewhere in the world ate the following foods and decided they were good enough to package and sell.

1. Edible Scorpion

best gross foods

If eating an animal that provides equal mixes of danger and grossness when alive sounds like a good idea, the edible black forest scorpion from Newport Jerky Company fits the bill. The scorpion has been boiled and then dried to prepare it for your enjoyment.

As the product description says, the edible scorpion is a great source of protein. My guess is that there are higher sources of protein available, but not many that are weirder.

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2. Cricket Sampler

weirdest foods

Some people enjoy eating insects. A lot of people enjoy eating flavored potato chips. We’re not sure if the attempt by Crick-ettes to hit both of those groups will work, but it’s definitely weird. There’s just something about seeing bacon and cheese flavored crickets that grabs your attention.

Potato chips crunch when you eat them. Crickets crunch when you eat them. Maybe the Crick-ettes product is onto something.

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3. Exotic Jerky Assortment

weirdest Amazon foods

If you’re of the feeling that many different meats taste like chicken, you can really test that theory with an exotic jerky assortment from Buffalo Bob’s. The exotic meats in this set include alligator, wild boar, buffalo, elk, kangaroo, ostrich, and venison. That’s not exactly a set of meats you’re going to find at your local grocer.

Each individually wrapped stick of jerky is combined with beef to create a mixture that meets USDA standards. (All of the meat in this jerky comes from farm raised animals, by the way.)

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4. Cooked and Salted Duck Eggs

best weird foods

If your idea of eating crazy egg based foods would consist of asking for extra cheese in your omelette at the brunch buffet, this product may be a little beyond your comfort zone.

Although Americans typically eat chicken eggs, other types of bird eggs are popular elsewhere in the world. These cooked and salted duck eggs give you a new flavor versus traditional chicken eggs. And don’t be freaked out by the yolk, which is more of an orange/red than the yellow in chicken eggs.

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5. Japanese Snack Assortment

best weird Amazon foods

It always feels a little weird to eat foods that have packaging and labeling that’s not in English. You just don’t quite know what’s inside the package.

The Dagashi package of sweets and snacks provides 34 different packages, all of which feature fun animated characters and plenty of Japanese language on the packaging. And every package contains an unknown surprise, some of which will be weird and some of which will taste great.

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6. Green Tea KitKats

best weird candy

Candy makers are notorious for trying different combinations and flavors, seeking the next big thing. If you don’t believe that, just count how many different types of M&M packages are on the store shelves these days.

So we understand the idea of green tea flavored KitKats … sort of. These green tea flavored KitKat candy bars are a Japanese import that just sounds weird. It’s surprisingly popular though, so maybe we can expect green tea M&Ms down the road too. (And don’t freak out when you see the green color of the candy, rather than the traditional chocolate brown.)

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7. Astronaut Ice Cream

best weird ice cream

Remember the orange/tangerine drink Tang? It grew in popularity in the 1960s and 1970s when NASA sent it on manned space flights. In hindsight, it tasted like garbage, but it was space juice, so kids begged for it.

The problem is NASA was holding out on us. You now can try astronaut ice cream, which is freeze dried Neapolitan ice cream (strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla) that doesn’t need to be refrigerated, because it’s vacuum packed. According to the manufacturer, it was designed for the Apollo space program.

It’s just a weird, fun snack from space that simply has to taste better than Tang.

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8. Bacon Flavored Mints

best weird Amazon candy

Many people love bacon. And many people like mixing bacon with other foods, even some sweet foods like chocolate. But bacon-flavored mints? That’s just plain weird.

This package tin of about 100 aspirin-sized mints contains a mix of bacon and mint flavors in each individual mint. Although this mix does not sound desirable to us, if you have a significant other who’s a big fan of bacon breath, here’s your chance to be irresistible.

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9. Roasted Seaweed Snacks

best weird foods on Amazon

Seaweed snacks aren’t something you encounter everyday. So these vegan snacks can be a fun and odd change of pace.

Beyond sesame flavor, Annie Chun’s also offers wasabi and cracked pepper/herbs flavors.

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10. Thanksgiving Flavored Gumballs

best weird candy on Amazon

If you love Thanksgiving dinner types of foods — really love them — then you might love this weird gum. Accoutrements offers gumballs flavored in three of the most iconic Thanksgiving foods: Turkey, pumpkin pie, and cranberries, each of which will be a weird gum flavor in its own way.

We don’t recommend mixing the three flavors of gumballs together. That’s just too weird.

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Bonus Pick: Sugar Free Gummi Bears

weirdest food on Amazon

These sugar free gummi bears don’t look particularly weird, and they don’t taste weird. But what happens to people after they eat them is really weird.

The primary reason this weird candy made our list, though, is because this product features perhaps the most popular customer review in Amazon history. We’d strongly recommend you read that one and a few more to receive an idea of what you’re in for with these bears.

Then again, if you’re someone who prefers to experience something yourself versus taking someone’s advice, these gummi bears might be for you. Just don’t eat them during a long car road trip.

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