Xbox All Access is here and it’s a terrible deal

By on August 27, 2018


A new way to buy an Xbox One arrived today and it’s called Xbox All Access. Utilizing a 0% payment plan over 24 months, new Xbox One owners have the option of an Xbox One S console at $22 a month or an Xbox One X at $35 a month. That includes 24 months of Xbox Live as well as Xbox Game Pass.

When compared to MSRP, Xbox All Access appears to be a decent discount. For instance, total MSRP for 24 months of Xbox Live & the Xbox One Game Pass would be $360.

The retail cost of an Xbox One S is $300 ($660 total), Xbox One X is $500 ($860 total). Xbox All Access for the S would be $528 ($132 less than MSRP) or $840 ($20 less than MSRP) for the X. Of course, when sale prices are factored in, the pricing advantage on Xbox All Access falls apart.

Here are the typical sale prices you can find throughout the year:

  • Xbox Live 12-year card: $40 (Example)
  • Xbox Game Pass 6-month card: $30 (Example)
  • Xbox One S: $185 – $200 (Example)
  • Xbox One X: $350 – $400 (Example)

Based off the last decade of our historical deal data, you will see these type of deals increase in frequency as we get closer to the holiday shopping season. During November, expect these deals every week with peak volume between November 19 – November 26 2018.

Xbox Live & Game Pass are stackable, so you can buy all 24-months during a single sale if you want. You will end up paying $200 total ($160 less than MSRP). When added everything up, you will end up paying $400 total for the Xbox One S (at worst) and $600 for the Xbox One X. That’s $128 cheaper than Xbox All Access for the S and $240 cheaper on the X.

Also, be aware that the financing for Xbox All Access runs through Dell Preferred Account. While they won’t charge you interest if you make all payments on time and pay off the balance by 24 months, you will get charged interest if you miss a payment or there’s a balance remaining after 24 months. APR on these accounts is typically an astronomical 19.24% to 29.99%.

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