Shut Up and Take My Money: Back to the Future iPad Case

By on June 27, 2013

shut_up_and_take_my_moneyIf you grew up watching the Back to the Future series like I did, you will be extremely familiar with this absolutely awesome iPad accessory. The Grays Sports Almanac “Complete Sports Statistics 1950-2000” iPad case looks just like the original seen in Back to the Future II. It’s even padded in order to protect your expensive Apple tablet.

For anyone unfamiliar with the almanac, Marty picks up the book when visiting Hill Valley during 2015 before Doc forces Marty to throw it away in order to preserve the past. Old Biff Tannen overhears this information and decides to take the Delorean for his own joyride to 1955 in order to deliver the almanac to a teenage version of himself. Of course, this totally screws up the timeline causing Marty and Doc to set off on another adventure back to 1955 to fix everything. (Oh LàLà cover not included.)

You can find this super cool homage to the Back to the Future series on Firebox for a preorder price of $30.69. There’s no shipping date on the iPad case at this time. I can only hope the next trilogy they attack is Indiana Jones. (The fourth movie doesn’t count…) I’d pay good money for a Henry Jones Grail Diary iPad case.

Check out a couple images of the case below:

Back to the Future iPad Case

Back to the Future iPad Case opened

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  1. preston

    November 6, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    I bought this Ebay back to the future iPad case 2 weeks ago at 50% OFF and I dont know how long this will last. Absolutely loved it. Quick delivery and perfect!!! Check the link below.

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