Get Ready! Another Mediocre Amazon Prime Day is Coming!

By on June 24, 2016


While we are sure the majority of consumers are still reeling from the amazing 3% discount on shoehorns that exploded onto the online shopping scene during Amazon Prime Day 2015, the retail giant is prepping for another “blockbuster” day of sales on an unspecified date during summer 2016. Dare we dream? Could we see 4% off on shoehorns this year? Oh the insanity!

Detailed in a letter to Amazon sellers, all suggestions for Prime Day 2016 lightning deals were supposed to be submitted by May 4, 2016 and inventory for those deals, if selected, should have been submitted to Amazon by June 22, 2016. Stipulations for products include a minimum of a 3 star or higher rating, deal prices that are 20% lower than the average price on Amazon as well as a sale price that’s lower than anything set after January 1, 2016.

While all these stipulations sound great, the end result in 2015 was extremely negative on the consumer side. Amazon claimed victory with a big sales day, however consumers mercilessly mocked the sales on social media and Internet forums; specifically due to the poor product selection as well as limited discounts on lightning deals. We also found the deals to be extremely lacking, as detailed in our analysis of the Prime Day sales last year.

We wanted to celebrate this announcement by bringing you some of our favorite Amazon Prime Day 2015 memes before Prime Day 2016 kicks off with a sad whimper next month. Enjoy!

Best Amazon Prime Day Fail Memes

Amazon creepy guy deals

Amazon Christmas





Amazon Yard Sale











Amazon Fallout Prime Day deals


Did you actually buy anything on Amazon Prime Day 2015? If so, what was it? Tell us in the comments below.

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