Top Ten Beer Koozies for Your July 4th Party

By on June 28, 2013

Summer is in full swing. The Fourth of July is just a few days away. Are you ready with a good beer koozie? Here are 10 of the best that will not only keep your beer cold, but, more importantly, will help you secure your place as the coolest guy/girl at every party you attend this summer.

1. Bum Bag Drink Cooler ($13, Amazon)

This reusable can/bottle cooler is perfect for hipsters who want to look like homeless dudes but prefer to keep their super exclusive, limited edition organic gluten-free beer nice and cold.


2. Back to Back World War Champs Koozie ($8,

Nothing goes together quite like ‘Merica and beer. Here’s a great option for declaring your American pride, though anything involving bald eagles, the flag or the statue of liberty (or even better, all three together) should work.


3. Red Solo Cup Koozie ($8, Amazon)

This koozie is the perfect way to klass up any party or backyard BBQ. It even inspired a Toby Keith song /really awful music video (try to resist jumping through your screen to strangle the YouTube commenters comparing it to the great Johnny Cash).


4. Fluffy White Cat Koozie ($7, Amazon)

This cat will stare down anyone who even thinks about messing with your beer. If you aren’t feeling the fluffy white cat, there are other equally cheesy (when it comes to koozies, the cheesier the better) cat designs to choose from, including “white cat with baby ducks” and “cat on pink satin.”


5. R2D2 Metal Can Holder ($14,

This is the can holder you’ve been looking for. As one reviewer writes, “It’s made from metal, looks like R2 and keeps your beer cold, what more could you want from a product?”


6. The Giant Beast Fist Shaped Can Kooler ($12, Amazon)

This one will either make you look really cool, or like a giant d-bag depending on how you play it, but either way it’s just too ridiculous not to be on this list.


7. Blockhead Knit Koozie ($10,

Actually, most of this guy’s knit koozies are pretty sweet, but the Charlie Brown one definitely stands out as one of the best.


8. Scorzie Koozie ($11, Amazon)

Here’s a koozie that knows how to multitask. Not only will it keep your drink cold, it will also help you keep score during yard games (or keep track of how many beers you’ve consumed, I guess).


9. Spinach Can Koozie ($4, Amazon)

We all know that beer gives you superpowers, just like spinach did for Popeye.


10. Suzy Kuzy USA Beer Mitt ($15,

You’re just not a true American if you don’t own at least one of these patriotic can coozie/fingerless glove combo things, known as the Suzy Kuzy Beer Mit (an entire company exists solely to distribute this one amazing product). Check out their Facebook page for some pretty great fan photos.


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    The best place for Skinny Beer Koozies

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