Shut Up and Take My Money: Owl Car Cam

By on July 12, 2018

shut_up_and_take_my_moneyThere are tons of dashcams on the market, but there aren’t a ton of dashcams that use 4G LTE to offer a live view at any time.

BlackVue is one company that offers those type of Dashcams, but at an expensive cost. Instead, check out the $349 Owl Car Cam, a device that records up to 14 days of video stored in the cloud (24 hours while car is parked).

Due to the 4G LTE conneciton, the Owl cam will always be in contact with the owner via notifications. For instance, if someone backs into your car while it’s parked, you will receive a notification about the incident and be able to save a clip of the accident. Saved clips can be sent to your insurance company.

There’s a secondary camera on the opposite of the Owl Cam that records what’s happening inside the cabin. This is another potentially useful video feed that could be used to prove you weren’t distracted when pulled over by a police officer or in the middle of an accident. It can also continue recording during a traffic stop so you can have an accurate representation of your interaction with a police officer.

Using a smartphone or tablet, an Owl Cam owner can also tap into a live feed at any time to check on their car. Using voice recognition, you can tell the Owl to capture specific moments as well. For instance, if you captured another accident occurring in front of you on the road, you can quickly save a clip for your reference.

The Owl Car Cam comes with 1 year of service and each additional year costs $99 (or $10 a month if you prefer monthly payments). You can read more details here or check out the video below:

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