• Shut Up and Take My Money: Owl Car Cam

    There are tons of dashcams on the market, but there aren’t a ton of dashcams that use 4G LTE to offer a live view at any time. BlackVue is one company that offers those type of Dashcams,...

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  • order-online-inside
    Walmart wants to stock your fridge while you aren’t home

    Launching a pilot program in Silicon Valley this week, Walmart is testing out a service that would send employees into homes to restock the fridge, even if the customer isn’t home. This is specifically for homes with...

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  • smart-apartment
    10 Awesome Tech Upgrades for Apartment Dwellers

    One of the biggest detractors to living in an apartment over your own home is a lack of freedom when it comes to upgrading your apartment’s technology, specifically when it requires changes that are forbidden by the...

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