The Power of Poetweet: Turn Your Tweets Into a Poem, No Talent Needed

By on January 30, 2015

Identifying a good poem is a personal thing. It might be cheesy or overly obtuse, it might be needlessly direct or completely scatterbrained. Poems are, by default, at the whim of readers and writers alike, until now. Through poetweet, a poem is no longer a completely human thing.

With the aid of Twitter and some kind of algorithm thing I’d never come close to being able to explain, poetweet throws together one of three kinds of poems based on your Twitter presence. Here’s a poem by Ben’s Bargains:

Bens Bargains Poetweet Twitter


Elegant, no? Any and every Twitter account can go in and out comes some kind of weird abstraction such as this. Here’s one from my personal account, Avid8Bit, where I advertise livestreams on Twitch and generally talk about video games:

avid8bit poem Poetweet Twitter

I’ve never been more proud of something I didn’t accomplish for myself. But I did though, ya know? I’m a poetic genius now.

If you ever wanted to prove yourself a poem to the naysayers of the world, here’s your chance, you sensitive soul. It’s particularly entertaining imagining what a celebrity might ponder about in the late night hours. That’s the power of Twitter.

And now, Thanks Yall, from Shaq.

Shaq Poetweet Twitter Poem

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