NeverWet: Pour Some Syrup on Me… And Watch it Slide Off

By on June 27, 2013

NeverWet, by Rust-Oleum, is finally on the market, after over a year of tantalizing everybody with videos of a water-deflecting super spray [see below]. At last, the dream of never making a fool of yourself by spilling liquids and condiments on yourself has come true!


What is it, you ask? A superhydrophobic spray-on coating that repels water and heavy oils that can be applied to almost any surface — metal, concrete, wood, plastic, fabrics. Just apply a layer of base coat then top coat, waiting 30 minutes in between and presto! Waterproofing of the future. The only caveat is that NeverWet doesn’t yet dry clear, so do NOT put it on glass surfaces you need to see through. Especially motor vehicles.

Here’s the incredible demo video that’s currently going viral (again):

NeverWet is available now for just $20 at The Home Depot. Just make sure when testing it to cover all surfaces so you wont ruin your favorite hat.

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