Holy Moto Batman! The Dark Knight Motorcycle Helmet

By on May 9, 2013

Remember watching Mallrats and wishing you were like Silent Bob as he flew through the air in his Batman costume?

Silent Bob Batman scene from Mallrats

No? Not even a little bit? Fine, have you ever wanted to be the actual Batman? With the help of this Dark Knight motorcycle helmet from HelmetDawg.com and $325 out of your sock drawer, you’ll be just a bit closer to that dream. This DOT approved helmet is made from high impact plastic, flush mounted visor and the iconic bat ears.

Batman Motorcycle Helmet in action from Helmet Dawg

Dark Knight Motorcycle Helmet

Dark Knight Motorcycle Helmet front view from Helmet Dawg Dark Knight Motorcycle Helmet sice view from Helmet Dawg

If you ride a motorcycle, would you wear this helmet? Tell us in the comments below.

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