Get Back in the Dorm with This Custom Sit-Down Donkey Kong Barrel

By on August 16, 2013

Get Back in the Dorm with This Custom Sit-Down Donkey Kong Barrel

When it comes to getting back to school and back in the dorm, we all know that you have to make the best use of your space.  And that is why this custom sit-down Donkey Kong Game Barrel, otherwise known as a custom-made arcade cocktail cabinet, is the perfect candidate for the last remaining microns of space in any dorm room.

Who knows when you may get a chance to do laundry? So forget the hamper or dresser drawers. Not only can you sit and play Donkey Kong on this entirely stylish barrel table, but you can even host a cozy date on this compact dining surface.


Plus, this barrel is a MAME machine, so if you ever decide to break with the Donkey Kong theme, there are thousands of classic arcade and console emulated games that will make your fellow collegians jealous, which is the true goal of pursuing a degree.


Now, should the appeal of Donkey Kong specifically not grab you, these poorly made YouTube clips of Groening-esque Donkey Kong references may help to reignite your arcade fire.

Here is the same poorly captured clip, but in multiple languages!

Now just imagine that you could land “Donkey Kong” as a nickname.

Granted, you can’t just order one these bad boys. Rather, as an enterprising university attendee, you could build your own.  It is just a table with a PC, monitor, speakers, and dual joysticks built into it.  There must be literally hundreds of classes offered in the US alone where building one of these is the kind of project you can talk a professor into grading for credit.  Find detailed plans for building both conventional MAME cabinets here, and classic cocktail style cabinets here.


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