May 2017 Humble Mobile Bundle: Epic Platformers

By on May 26, 2017

When most people think of mobile games, some common genres will likely come to mind.  Puzzle games are abundant due to their pick up and play style, and lend themselves well to touch controls.  A lot of turn based games also fit this bill, as by their nature can overcome touch screen burdens by simply not forcing any can of finesse on how you need to tap the screens.

One genre many aren’t fond of on mobile devices, however, are platformers.  Platformers by their nature require timing and skillful button presses… and touch screen controls that are even a bit off can ruin the entire game.  But, this month’s Humble Mobile Bundle brings together a bunch of great platformers for a staggeringly cheap price.  Let’s look at these Epic Platformers:

$1 Tier

Devious Dungeon

Devious Dungeon is a relatively simple action platformer–explore up to five worlds that are randomized, gather loot and kill baddies.  The controls are simple enough to make playing with a touch screen easy, and the seemingly bite sized playthroughs and replayability makes it a model mobile title.

Devious Dungeon 2

Devious Dungeon 2 is much like the first–five randomized worlds to explore, loot to grab.  This time around, though, you can pick from three different classes, with their own playstyles.  I nice small upgrade for when you finish with the first game.

Eggggg – The Platform Puker

Well, this… this is certainly an odd one.  The hero of this tale is violently, and I mean violently allergic to eggs, as eating them will make the poor boy projectile vomit.  However, Gilbert needs to use this reaction in order to escape his horribly mean aunt and get to a birthday party.  Surely all that vomiting isn’t great for his system, but we all do dumb things as kids right?

Beat the Average Tier

Note: The Beat the Average seems to be hovering right under $5 for the most part… you might as well go for the $5 tier while you’re at it!


Gunbrick is more on the puzzle platformer side of things than a more strict platformer.  Your character controls the titular Gunbrick, which seems to be some kind of moving… cube.  This particular title was built specfically for swiping mobile controls, so there are no virtual buttons to press with this one!  It seems fitting with the more puzzle oriented approach.


RunGunJumpGun is one of the more intense games in this bundle, offering difficult gameplay that still works great with the mobile platform.  You shoot your gun to help propel yourself around the stages, killing enemies and navigating through tricky dangerous corridors.  This is certainly a unique experience!


Retsnom, on the other hand, is a puzzle platformer with a very nice twist to it.  The goal is to mirror parts of stages to get past obstacles, in hopes of finding the cure to your daughter’s zombie illness.  It’s a little hard to explain, make sure to watch the trailer to this one!

…and more to be unlocked later!

$5 Tier

Never Alone: Ki Edition

Never Alone is best known for its source material–the Iñupiat (native Alaskans), a subject and culture rarely touched upon in video games.  You control two characters through this puzzle platformer to search for the reason of an endless blizzard.  Well worth a playthrough due to its unique origins!

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers, like the other games in the $5 tier, is a critically acclaimed platformer that has made its way to mobile devices.  In order to save an ailing father, two brothers set out to find the mythical Water of Life, and they must rely on each other to make it through the ordeal.  Brothers in particular is a very strong narrative experience, and is a must play if you’re looking for a strong plot in your platformer.


Limbo made itself well known a number of years ago via the Xbox Live Arcade, but the dark platformer has since made its debut on other platforms, including mobile.  If you haven’t yet experienced this gem of a game, now’s the perfect time–it’s a disturbing, yet very noteworthy title.

What’s your favorite game from this bundle?  Let us know in the comments!

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