An Animated Warrior Takes on his Creator in Street Fighter Inspired Short

By on May 13, 2013

Street Fighter Maker Versus MArkerWant to see the quickest and coolest way to get carpal tunnel syndrome without button mashing? Of course you do.

In his stop motion animated short, Maker vs Marker, artist Jonny Lawrence has pitted his Street Fighter inspired drawing against the only opponent that stands a chance: his own hand.

Also taking inspiration from Dragon Ball Z and Super Smash Bros., the video features a full on battle of creator versus creation, complete with punches, kicks, special moves and hadoukens!

But will unusually nimble dexterity be enough to overcome the deadly doodle? Find out for yourself below…

It may be less than two minutes long, but it’s still easily better than either Hollywood Street Fighter flick, proving that even disembodied hands have more charisma and acting prowess than poor Chris Klein.

Be sure to check out Jonny Lawrence’s website for more animated shorts and illustrations from the talented artist. Maybe the next round will feature a new challenger. My suggestion: his foot. After all, even an animated black belt is no match for the mighty big toe!

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