25 Rare and Revealing Photos from the Original Star Wars Trilogy

By on October 10, 2014

The as-yet-untitled Star Wars: Episode VII may be the greatest Star Wars movie ever when it debuts in December 2015, but for now the original Star Wars trilogy, aka the “OT” (1977-1983) remains the high-water mark for many fans.

Hundreds if not thousands of iconic images from the OT are seared into our collective childhood unconscious, from the Topps trading cards to the Random House storybooks to the Kenner action figure cards. These images supplemented the movie viewing experience on TV, home video or theater — if you were lucky enough to see them there.

The internet has become the place for Star Wars fans to share those memories, especially through rare and revealing on-the-set and behind-the-scenes photos that never made it onto a trading card or magazine. It’s the non-iconic and obscure image that now piques a longtime fan’s interest.

Here are some of our favorites from two fantastic collections: 1,138 Behind the Scenes Photos of the Star Wars Trilogy by imgur user joinyouinthesun and Star Wars 1977-1983 by Twitter user @StarWars7783.

Come for the vintage Star Wars pictures, stay for the awesome ‘70s hair!

early C3PO

Bantha elephant

Kenny Baker

Star Wars cast

Greedo shot second

Stuart and Peter

Peter and Kenny



Han in Norway

Luke in Norway

Hoth set

Mark helping out

Treat Williams and Leia

Han on set

Lucas and Vader

Leia and Chewie


Luke with lightsaber and Yoda

Lando on set

Chewie oops


Vader unmasked

Han and Luke in ROTJ

Not a trap

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  1. ShiftyEffect

    November 7, 2014 at 10:07 pm

    The chewy boob grab was obviously the best lol. Great movies.

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