How to Pull Off an Impromptu ‘May the Fourth Be With You’ Party

By on May 2, 2016

Happy May the Fourth, otherwise known as Star Wars Day! Every night is a great night for a Star Wars marathon in my book, but tonight it’s kind of mandatory. However, there’s no need to worry if you haven’t already planned a big, extravagant party complete with your dog in a Tauntaun costume greeting your guests. Here are some super easy ways to pull off an amazing May the Fourth Star Wars movie night with just a couple hours’ notice and items you probably already have at home.


My son and I enjoying his first ever Star Wars movie night…a moment every mother dreams of!

May the Fourth Food and Drinks

It just wouldn’t be a movie night without delicious snacks. Here are a couple simple, Star Wars-inspired ideas that are easy enough for anyone to pull off:

Lightsaber Pretzel Sticks

Simply frost some large pretzel sticks and roll tin foil around the ends.


Wookiee Cookies

We’ve tried the recipe from Wookiee Cookies: A Star Wars Cookbook and they were pretty good. Here’s a modified version you can try if you don’t have the book.


Stormtrooper Marshmallow Cupcakes

Make (or buy) whatever kind of cupcakes you want and pop a marshmallow trooper on top. I can’t get over how cute these are. Black and white frosting obviously works better if you want to stick to the traditional stormtrooper look.


May the Fourth Star Wars Cocktails

For adult-only parties, you’ll need to serve festive Star Wars drinks. Here’s a list of 47 options, including the “Jedi Mind Trick”, a “Princess’s Pleasure”, “Blue Milk” and “Wookie Juice.” Also, here’s a Jabba the Hutt drink that calls for a gallon of tequila, beef bouillon, butter and Tang. Feel free to add this maniacal laugh in the background when you serve that drink.


May the Fourth Attire

May the Fourth is the perfect excuse to geek out and dress up like your favorite Star Wars character. If you somehow don’t already have an old Halloween costume or T-shirt in the closet (and you call yourself a fan!?), here are a couple ways to show your love of the Star Wars universe with things you probably do have lying around the house:

A Bathrobe

While a robe with a hood is obviously going to be the most authentic, any old bathrobe should be enough to have you feeling at least slightly Jedi-ish.


A Fuzzy Jacket or Sweatshirt

I’ve always thought the furry Monkey Man-type fleece jackets everybody wears are kind of Chewbacca-y. If you happen to have one, tonight may be the perfect time to throw it on. If you’re really crafty, make some sort of homemade utility belt for added effect.


“Something green, you could wear”

Show some reverence toward the Grand Master himself with an outfit of entirely green hues.



Princess Leia Hair

If you’re a girl, and you have long hair, rock the Princess Leia buns. It’s super easy and any guy at the party will probably fall desperately in love with you.


May the Fourth Activities

Besides watching the films and complaining about all the extra CGI crap George Lucas has added to the originals or about how badly you want to throw something at Jar-Jar Binks, here are a few activities you can do to celebrate May the Fourth:

Lightsaber Battles

Cut some foam pool noodles in half and use silver duct tape for the handles (here’s full instructions). Fun for adults and kids alike.


Star Wars Trivia

The Internet is full of Star Wars trivia questions/answers you can download and print out. This site has a bunch of great options that are challenging ,but not so obscure that only the nerdiest of Star Wars nerds would know the answers.


Star Wars Drinking Game

If you’re having a kid-free May the Fourth, here’s a drinking game you can play while working your way through the films. For example, it includes taking a drink each time a ship enters or comes out of light speed, each time a lightsaber is ignited or turned off, or each time Luke or Anakin Skywalker whine about something. I seriously recommend taking pretty small sips of that Blue Milk cocktail, otherwise you’ll pass out long before you even get to the good movies!



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