Shut Up and Take My Money: LEGO DeLorean Time Machine

By on August 1, 2013

shut_up_and_take_my_moneyA few weeks ago we spotlighted a Back to the Future iPad case, which was designed to look like the Grays Sports Almanac from Back to the Future Part II. Now fans of the iconic ’80s series have another awesome new collectible to get excited about: the LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine (21103).

Hitting store shelves and online shops today, the LEGO DeLorean is the fourth set to come out of LEGO’s Cuusoo program, which accepts user-submitted ideas for potential production — basically a Kickstarter for LEGO sets. The super-popular LEGO Minecraft Set (21102) was an earlier Cuusoo project, and deals for that toy have appeared many times on Ben’s Bargains and have always sold out very quickly.

The LEGO DeLorean Time Machine, which was announced at the San Diego Comic-Con last month, contains 401 pieces and features many movie details, like the workable gull-wing doors, fold-up wheels for hover mode, flux capacitor, time travel display and two license plates. The car measures over 5″ long, 2″ high and 3″ wide and includes, of course, Marty McFly and Doc Brown mini-figures.

You’ll need to plunk down $34.99 to have your very own LEGO DeLorean. However, finding it is going to be a challenge. It’s currently sold out at LEGO Shop and Amazon. And judging by the early reaction, this is going to be a very hot and much sought-after toy at the end of the year.

At least you won’t need 1.21-gigawatts to give this sweet ride a spin once you finally do get your hands on one.

Check out the LEGO version of this classic movie vehicle below:

LEGO DeLorean Time Machine





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