• 2018 Gift Guide: Our Favorite Laptops Under $500

    Selecting our favorite budget laptops under $500 was a lot like walking a tightrope: on one side was mediocre quality and low prices, and on the other was terrible quality and even lower prices. Fortunately there are...

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  • 2017 Gift Guide: Our Favorite Laptops Under $500

    If you’re willing to settle for slow processors, cheap builds and low resolution on small screens, then it’s pretty easy to find laptops for under $500. But if you care about quality, that’s a bit trickier. The...

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    Goodbye Chromebooks? $199 Windows 8 laptops are coming soon

    Firing a warning shot toward the line of inexpensive Google Chromebooks, Microsoft announced this week at WPC 2014 that the company is working with HP to release a Windows 8 laptop at a $199 price point as...

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