Seven Travel Products for Your Summer Trips

By on May 29, 2013

Summertime is here! It’s such a treat to plan a trip and get out of town… until you get to the airport and realize you’ve got anywhere from four to fourteen hours of potential discomfort in front of you. As a frequent traveler, I’m often reminded that many people aren’t used to getting on an airplane six times a month. (Said reminder usually comes in the security lines while watching people try and get past the TSA with power tools in their carry-ons.)

Here are a few of the best travel-friendly inventions on the market today to turn a necessary inconvenience into a smooth transition to your vacation.

1. Mophie Juice Pack Reserve Micro (Mophie, $40)

Never be caught with a dying battery. A USB hub allows you to plug a variety of chargers into this backup power source.

Seven Travel Products: Mophie USB hub charger

2. Flybag (Flybag, $16)

Ripping a flimsy plastic bag as it catches on your suitcase zipper and spills your toiletries everywhere will seriously delay your security screening. This bag is durable, capacious, and TSA approved.Seven Travel Products: Flybag

3. Travel Hoodie Pillow (Hoodie Pillow, $20)

A neck pillow always just seemed like one more thing to carry, but the hoodie on this one makes it invaluable for blocking light – especially on overly warm airplanes when wearing a sweatshirt isn’t an option.

Seven Travel Products: Travel Hoodie Pillow

4. Travel Grid-It (Container Store, $15)

Organize your cords, cards, jewelry, snacks, and really any odds and ends in this grid of elasticized bands.

Seven Travel Products: Grid-It

5. JVC Noise Canceling Headphones (Amazon, $94)

Why no, I didn’t want to hear about your daughter’s cheer competition – and now I don’t have to. (Poor man’s alternative = ear plugs)

Seven Travel Products: JVC Noise-Canceling Headphones

6. Magazine – Vanity Fair (Amazon, $20/year)

I love reading books on my iPad, but I can’t use it during takeoff or landing, so having a magazine passes the time and keeps my neighbor from thinking I’m free to chat. I like the long reads in Vanity Fair, but anything you bring will be better than SkyMall.

Seven Travel Products: Vanity Fair Magazine

7. Unisex Circle Scarf (American Apparel, $28)

Available in over 70 colors, this simple tube of fabric works as a scarf, blanket, pillow, hood, shrug and number of other things. It’s surprisingly large for its lack of bulk and has helped me regulate temperature and sleep comfortably on countless flights. Bonus for the ladies – get creative with it when you land and you can turn this into a top or dress!

Seven Travel Products: Unisex Circle Scarf

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