How to Throw a Killer Panthers / Broncos Super Bowl 50 Party

By on January 27, 2016


Are you ready for Super Bowl 50? With just a handful of days before the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos kick off Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, you are probably already gearing up for your big Super Bowl party. If that’s the case, now is the time to get your house in order with the right tech as well as theming the hell out of your party with the proper food & drink.

We’ve put together the ultimate big game guide together to help you through the process.

Screens, Go Big or Go Home

If you have 20 people coming over to watch the game, hovering around a 42-inch television is so 2010. It’s time to upgrade your screen size, ideally 55 inches or higher. While 4K Ultra HD is getting ramped up right now, you don’t actually have to buy a 4K set this year. The Super Bowl is not going to to broadcast in Ultra HD this year, but it will likely be broadcast in 4K next year. Here are a few solid picks: (prices are subject to change)


If you really want to impress everyone, consider stepping up to a projection system. If your weather is mild in your neck of the woods, you could also consider an outdoor party with an giant projection screen. Here are great options for both.

But The Screen Isn’t Everything

What good is a giant screen if you are stuck using the low-powered speakers in the TV? Parties can get loud and you are going to need volume. Here are a couple deals to boost your audio profile:

You should also consider how hungry your guests will be for the second screen experience. If they want stats or replays on demand, keeping a tablet on hand will be handy.

Another option is routing your cable signal though an Xbox One in order to watch the game within the NFL on Xbox app. That will give you real-time stats on the game on the screen as well as access to replays. Here are a couple good deals to accomplish that:

Who’s Thirsty?


While having a variety of popular beer and wine on hand will certainly please your party-goers, it’s certainly not going to keep them talking about your party around the water cooler on Monday morning.

You need to kick it up a notch with some mixed drinks themed to the teams playing in the Super Bowl. Our suggestions:

Carolina Panther Cocktails

Denver Bronco Cocktails

Who’s Hungry?


I see you eyeballing that sad pack of frozen pizza pockets in the grocery store. Let’s call that a third-string backup because you are going to step it up on the food front this year.

Don’t get me wrong, you should have the staples. You can never have enough chips, dip and other snacks during the game. However, you can also prep a handful of items prior to the game that will blow away your guests. Our themed suggestions:

Carolina Panther Dishes

Denver Bronco Dishes

If you can’t find anything you want to make above, I recommend checking out 103 Super Bowl Recipes at Brown Eyed Baker.

That’s pretty much it; you are now ready to host a kick-ass Super Bowl 50 party. Go forth and conquer. And pray the Super Bowl gods deliver unto us a halftime performance from Beyonce that we can mock for weeks to come.


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