Fallout 4 Collectibles that Will Make any Vault Dweller Smile

By on November 5, 2015

Looking for an awesome gift that will make a Fallout fanatic grin ear to ear? In honor of Fallout 4, we’ve collected a smattering of fantastic Fallout-related items sure to win you positive karma with a Fallout-obsessed player. Check out the full list below:

Fallout Bobbleheads 5″ and 7″ Sizes


If you haven’t taken the G.O.A.T. yet, we doubt you have the insider knowledge to know why these bobbleheads are so cool. In Fallout 3, the player was able to collect little Fallout bobbleheads in the game. When that happens, players receive a boost to a base stat or a particular skill. Returning in Fallout 4, bobbleheads will be one of the things that gamers spend hours, perhaps days, searching the ruins of Boston to find.


Anyway, Bethesda has created physical versions of the bobbleheads, available on November 13. There’s seven different 5-inch versions and five different 7-inch versions. The 5-inch versions ($15 each) are related to perception, energy weapons, strength, lockpicking,  endurance, melee weapons and the repair skill. The 7-inch versions ($20 each) are related to intelligence, endurance, strength, perception and the classic “arms crossed” pose.

See Bobbleheads on Bethesda Store

Fallout 4 Print: (A Long Road Ahead)


Starting at $20 for a print, this beautiful Fallout 4 poster is available in both 13 by 19 and 8.5 by 11. The poster depicts the survivor from Vault 111 as well as his trusty dog and the Mister Handy robot. Outside of the Fallout universe, you can find similar prints of characters in the Star Wars universe.

See Fallout 4 Poster on Etsy

Nuka-Cola Bottle Caps


Used as currency after the devastation of nuclear fallout, bottle caps were popular in both Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. While you can use an Instructable DIY project to make your own, there’s also plenty of people selling the caps on design DIY sites like Etsy. Here’s one such seller, offering up five caps as well as a nifty custom inked pouch to carry around those precious caps! Price: $5

See Nuka-Cola Caps on Etsy

Tranquility Lane Vault Boy Watch


Likely borrowing the concept from that popular watch featuring a Disney cartoon mouse, this watch features an adorable Vault Boy pointing out the hour with his short hand and the minutes with his long hand.  The watch is 43mm gold ion plated with a blue leather band and a scratch resistant lens. It’s water resistant up to 30 meters as well. MSRP: $60

See Watch on Bethesda Store

The Art of Fallout 4


Currently being developed by Dark Horse Comics, this 368-page hardcover book will include full color images from everything related to the world of Fallout 4. Some of the extras for true Fallout fans include concept art for weapons, characters and the game environment as well as “never-seen-before” designs related to the game’s long development. It will be released on December 22, 2015. MSPR: $49.99 (There’s also a special edition for $85.)

Check Price on Amazon

Fallout Monopoly


Featuring property from four different Fallout games, Fallout Monopoly follows the basic rules of monopoly. However, the game also includes currency in the form of caps and tokens which include a 10mm Pistol, a MiniNuke, a Nuka-Cola Bottle, a Power Armor Helmet, a Vault Boy, and the Vault 111 door. Unfrotuantely, it may be tough to get the game at the moment as Gamestop sold out quickly. Look for sales of the game on eBay or on the Bethesda Store. MSRP: $40

Check for Game on GameStop

Fallout 4 Xbox One Wired Controller


Usable on both the Xbox One as well as the PC, the Fallout 4 Xbox One controller features the classic blue & yellow design as well as a smiling vault boy giving you the thumbs up for ditching work to play a marathon session of Fallout 4. The controller includes vibration feedback as well as a detachable 10 foot USB cable. (MSRP: $60)

See Controller on Bethesda Store

Pip Boy 3D Printed Kit


Ideal for use with Bethesda’s iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps that work with the game, anyone that’s crazy serious about getting into the head of a vault dweller can snag a 3D-printed version of the Pip-Boy worn by the game’s main character. Assuming your phone fits, you will be able to check tons of stats related to your ongoing game as well as play mini-games. This would be ideal is you can’t find the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition in stores. Price: $90

Check for Pip Boy Models on Etsy

Fallout 4 Nuka-Cola Quantum Soda


Rolling out Target stores on November 10, Jones Soda repacked their neon blue berry lemonade flavor as Nuka-Cola Quantum. In the Fallout universe, Nuka-Cola Quantum was a radioactive drink that offered a boost to your Action Points at the expense of additional radiation poisoning. Jones Soda hasn’t specifically announced a price for a 6-pack of Nuka-Cola Quantum, but it will likely be at a premium compared to their regular soda flavors.

Check Price on Target

Fallout 4 Ultimate Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide Bundle


While there’s definitely a less expensive version of this book for $23, this premium version is bound in a special edition hardcover and includes the protective slip case. It also includes multiple nuka-cola collectibles; a Nuka Cola metal bottle opener, five magnetic bottle caps, and a Nuka Cola embroidered patch. If that wasn’t enough, the set includes seven lithographs and a poster-size world map as well. It’s the ultimate fan set for anyone that needs help in Fallout 4. (MSRP: $130)

Check Price on Amazon

“I Speed Up for Deathclaws” Car Decal


Available in eight different colors, this decal will let all the motorists know you aren’t taking any crap from terrifying Deathclaws that happen to be roaming around the suburbs. It will also keep anyone that doesn’t understand what a Deathclaw is far away from your car. It’s a win-win scenario. (Price: $4)

Check Price on Etsy

Fallout 4 Pop Vinyl Figures


Available in six different figures related to Fallout 4, these $10 Pop Vinyl figures are less expensive than the bobbleheads as well as more varied. Characters included in the set are the female & male Lone Wanderer, Brotherhood of Steel soldier, Deathclaw, Super Mutant and Feral Ghoul. There’s also a seventh Vault Boy character as well.

Check Pop Vinyl Set on ThinkGeek

Fallout-Inspired Bottlecap Mine


Nailing the design of the lunchbox bottlecap mine from previous Fallout games, this replica is the perfect collectible to sit next to your Mini-Nuke from the PC anthology collection or perhaps your replica pip-boy. Other cool items from the same designer include Jet inhalers and Nuka grenades! Price: $55.

Check Price on Etsy

Honorable Mention: Fallout 3 Vinyl Soundtrack


While not technically related to Fallout 4, this awesome vinyl box set is a would bring tears to the eyes of Three Dog. Featuring the amazing music of Fallout 3,  the records include 29 different tracks featuring the score of the original game. Ships during early November 2015. MSRP: $85

See Records on Bethesda Store

Honorable Mention 2: Fallout Anthology


Shipped in a super-cool Fallout-inspired mini-nuke with an audible bomb sound feature, the Fallout Anthology is a fantastic refresher course for anyone that wants to get all caught up on narrative prior to the release of Fallout 4. The nuke includes the original Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. (MSRP: $50)

Check Price on Amazon

Be sure to check out the Fallout 4 launch trailer if you haven’t yet!

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    I’m deff gonna get me some Fallout 4 Nuka-Cola Quantum Soda from target next week!

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