2021 Gift Guide: Top 4K TVs and How Much You Will Pay For Them

By on November 12, 2021

This year, we divided the top performing 2021 4K TVs on Ben’s into 3 categories: high-end, mid-range and budget. We then crunched the numbers and assembled this guide to give our readers insight into what TV prices will be when Black Friday rolls around.

We’ve focused primarily on prices for the 65-inch models. The 65-inch size is the most popular right now, which shows the eagerness of American households to embrace bigger screens as the prices go down and the displays get thinner and lighter. TV makers are also packing their best features in this 65-inch range.

To meet the needs of consumers, TV manufacturers are making a wide range of display sizes, usually 42, 50, 55, 65, 75 and sometimes 80 or 85 inches.

Because TVs are refreshed on a yearly basis, we’re only looking at 2021 models, but you can certainly find even bigger deals on closeout 2020 models, though at this point in the year most are going to be refurbs.

Take note of your favorite models below and set a deal alert on Ben’s to get a jump on the lowest prices of the holidays!

Top 2021 High-End TVs

LG OLED TVs have dominated this category the past several years, but Sony OLEDs are gaining.

  1. LG C1 Series OLED TVs (2021): We’ve seen the 65″ model of this amazing TV go for as low as $1527 on eBay and $1620 at Target, but realistically don’t expect it to dip much below $1700 for Black Friday. [Amazon]
  2. Sony BRAVIA XR A80J OLED TVs (2021): LG’s biggest competition has seen the 65″ model go as low as $1571 on eBay, but we expect it to stay well above $1700 (probably around $1800) for the remainder of the year. [Amazon]
  3. Samsung QN85A Series QLED TVs (2021): We recently saw the 75″ model go for as low as $1600 at Sam’s Club (+$45 for the membership). The 65″ model is hovering just below $1500 right now and probably will see another $100 off during the holidays. [Amazon]
  4. Hisense L5 Series 120″ Laser Projector Android TV (2021): We’ve seen this awesome short-throw projector with included screen sell for $2500. It should hit that low price again around Black Friday or into December. [Amazon]
  5. Samsung The Frame Series QLED TVs (2021): The 65″ model has recently gone as low as $1500, and that’s where you can expect sale prices to return around Black Friday. BuyDig.com sells it bundled with customizable bezels for a big discount. [Amazon]
  6. Sony BRAVIA XR X90J Series LED TVs (2021): The 65″ model of this TV with top-notch picture quality is hovering just below $1200, and we’ll probably see most of the display sizes in this line go down another $100 during the holiday season. [Amazon]

Top 2021 Mid-Range TVs

If the high-end TVs are a little too rich for your taste, mid-range TVs have a nice balance of value with excellent picture quality and special features.

  1. Amazon Fire TV Omni Series LED TVs (2021): Amazon has been very aggressive pricing its first line of official Amazon TVs. The 50″ model has been on sale for $360 and the 55″ for $410. We haven’t seen the 65″ go on sale yet, but we’ll probably see $100 off its $830 price tag (either a straight discount or gift card/credit) before the holiday shopping season is over. [Amazon]
  2. LG NanoCell 75 Series LED TVs (2021): We’ve seen the 70″ model of this popular TV on sale recently for as low as $750. Expect Best Buy to get aggressive around Black Friday on all popular model sizes, like the 65″ hitting $650 or less. [Best Buy]
  3. Samsung Q60A Series QLED TVs (2021): The 65″ model of this top-performing TV should hit $800 or less during the Black Friday season. [Amazon]
  4. Hisense U6G Series Quantum ULED TVs (2021): We’ve seen the 65″ model go for as low as $650 and expect it to hit that price point around Black Friday. The 75″ model might get as low as $850. [Amazon]

Top 2021 Budget 4K TVs

If you want the very best bargains, then these panels are the ones to keep an eye out for.

  1. Hisense A6G Series Android LED TVs (2021): The 70″ model is at its all-time low of $550 at Best Buy and you might see that move down another $50 during the Black Friday shopping season. [Best Buy]
  2. TCL 4 Series Roku LED TVs (2021): Walmart recently sold a 55″ 4-Series TV for $228, which could come back for Black Friday. Other 4-Series TVs will get big discounts at other retailers during the holidays. [Walmart]
  3. Insignia F30 Series Amazon Fire LED TVs (2021): Best Buy currently has the 58″ model for $350 as a “Black Friday guaranteed” price. The 65″ model is $490 and is certain to go down another $50 to $100 for Black Friday. [Best Buy]
  4. Element Frameless Roku LED TVs (2021): Target recently sold the 65″ model for $300 and the 75″ model for $550, and these special “made for Black Friday” TVs will certainly hit that price again in November. [Target]
  5. onn. Roku LED TVs (2021): The 65″ model is expected to hit $300, possibly even $200 for in-store doorbuster situations, at Walmart. The 70″ model is advertised on Black Friday for $398. If you’re looking for crazy prizes this 2021 Black Friday, onn. is your choice. [Walmart]

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