6 Unique Standing Desks That are Less Than $200

By on September 26, 2021


Interested in getting out of that uncomfortable office chair for a few hours a day? It’s no surprise that standing desks have become more popular over the last five years, specifically due to the increasing number of jobs that are putting people in front of a computer eight hours a day.

Unfortunately, buying a standing desk (especially one with mechanical adjustable options) can be very expensive. Some of the most popular standing desks start around $500 and range all the way up to $5,000 for models with advanced electronics.

Of course, who wants to spend all that money just to stand up? We certainly don’t. Here are some of our favorite standing desk options that won’t cost you more than a couple Benjamins.

The StandDesk 2200 ($22)


Developed by an awesome IKEA hacker, the StandDesk 2200 is basically a super-cheap standing desk option that requires a little work to build. Designed to sit on an existing desk, this build requires a side table, shelf, brackets and some screws to create. The concept is also very easy to expand upon if you want to add additional monitors.

The downside to using this design is that portability is terrible. It also takes up a significant amount of space in your office, assuming you are switching between sitting and standing on a regular basis. Of course, the cost savings are fairly tremendous when compared to other options. It’s a cheap way to see if you like standing at your desk.

The Oristand ($39 shipped)


Created by the CEO of Hootsuite, the Oristand is a foldable standing desk that’s built out of industrial-grade cardboard. Ideal for either laptop or desktop users, the Oristand can accommodate a monitor or laptop on the top platform with a keyboard / mouse on the bottom.

Of course, you will need to have an existing flat surface to setup the desk. While definitely portable, it’s not ideal for public areas like a coffee shop, mainly due to the large size of the desk taking up a significant amount of space. It would be ideal for an office though, easy to setup or take down when you want to stand.

The StandStand ($75)


Small enough to slide into a laptop bag, the StandStand is the ultimate standing desk for someone that requires extreme portability. Opposite from the Oristand, this product would be perfect for public places (assuming you exclusively use a laptop). Made out of birch wood, the pieces can be easily assembled in less than a minute.

The downside to the StandStand is that you will be looking down at your laptop screen instead of straight ahead like other standing desk options. In addition, there’s no space for an additional mouse or other accessories (only room for a laptop).

The ReadyDesk ($169)


If you don’t want to give up your dual monitor setup, consider the ReadyDesk. Ideal for anyone that’s still on a desktop, the ReadyDesk can accommodate two 27-inch monitors or a monitor / laptop combo. This desk is particularly ideal for anyone that shares a workspace as the height adjustment options work for for anyone between 5’3″ and 6’3″. T

Of course, this isn’t a portable solution for the majority of users. Once the ReadyDesk is setup, it’s likely going to remain there. That being said, users could always shift their monitors down to the secondary platform and their keyboard / mouse to the desk if they wanted to transition to sitting.

The Chairigami ($95 to $165)


If you are into eco-friendly furniture, then check out the Chairigami desk. Starting at $95 for the Kickstarter model (42″) and ranging up to $165 for a larger size (seen above), the Chairigami may be an interesting option for anyone in need of a full-size, temporary desk; perhaps ideal for a college student living off-campus.

The downside to Chairigami products is how long they actually last. Chairigami estimates that a desk will have a two to three year life before it needs to be replaced. Of course, you may be over the whole standing desk fad by then. The desk can be recycled easily after it’s worn out.

The StorkStand ($99 to $199)


Removing the need for any actual desk, the StorkStand is an option for laptop users that lets you use a simple office chair as your desk. Supporting up to 50 pounds, the StorkStand creates a platform for your laptop on the top of a office chair using a metal brace and a Velcro strap.

While ideal for impromptu meetings with limited conference room table space, the downside to this design is that your platform will likely move with the chair; thus it’s only as stable at the office chair. In addition, some office chairs with low backs may not work well at all with this design.

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